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TEOMCROTE = TEOTWAWKI on steroids! The End Of Mankind's Current Reign Over The Earth takes into account that our ancestors were neither suicidal, stupid, nor our genetic inferiors but still wound up getting wiped off the Earth. Whereas CSER [ Centre for Study of Existential Risk] tries to PREVENT this dispensation from coming to an end, TEOMCROTE works from the eventuality/possibility/probability that the end our age takes place and what to do then       Sign up (learn about it) | Sign in (lost password?)

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Re: missing something? something wrong?

That is about as good as I know how to make it... It matches the color of the text in the little pic at the top pretty close but if you need more help on it or the separators then the next stop would be the official Runboard Support board where there is at least a couple of artists with more talent than I have...


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