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being an illegal alien

Someone mentioned that not being able to stay legally longer than 3 months is een issue they're still worried about.
Especially for Americans who are faced with that aspect of things, it came to my mind to share that things work very differently in Europe than they do in the USA. There are estimates of some 6000 'concentration camps' having already been built in the USA. I have not heard of any such thing in regards to Europe. Also, the (political) culture in the USA concerning incarceration is very different than in Europe: close to 2% of the entire population of the USA is either in jail or has been in jail. Americans know that one in every 3 black male has been in prison or is in prison currently. In Russia, i've heard, 25% of all males have spent time in prison.
In Europe the rate of incarcerations is around 1 promille [i.e. 1 in every 1000 people, not 2 in every 100].
Besides this, the Canaries are not the European mainland and have a unique status. For one, they don't pay taxes like 'in Europe'. They also have neither people, room, nor funds with which to start locking up loads of people for no good reason, while in the USA the govt has endless supplies for such things.
Added to all of this is the simple fact that the hills of the island make it practically impossible to get to people who don't wish to be got to, not unlike what one might consider about certain 'backward' areas in the USA where forces like the KuKluxKlan still hold sway because things are logistically too difficult for govt authorities to press their agenda, i.e. hill country has always been (and will always remain) a place of refuge for free spirits.
In the end i imagine that if one were to go to the Canaries for 3 months and leave for 30 days and then come back for 3 months again, that that's also an option to avoid this issue altogether. [Ryanair tickets to Madrid are sometimes as low as € 10.] I don't know what the rules for Americans are exactly but that's what i did when i went to stay for longer than 3 months in Turkey (before it was part of the EU). One could go to Morocco for a month and come back, for instance. (Actually, setting up a mainland camp in Morocco isn't a bad idea anyway. It would be very cheap to rent a place there, as long as it's far from any modern city.)
Anyway, that thought came to mind and i thought i'd share, since a considerable percentage of people interested in coming to our location are citizens of the USA. So, frankly, i would NOT do it the other way around, i.e. come as an illegal to the USA, since i've already heard horrific stories of foreignors being cracked down on there and being held locked up for long times before they get around to shipping them off. Also, i would think that any American should invite the opportunity to flee their own country with it's dark regime, but that's because of things that i've read about, like there being 10% of the population living underground, many of which are Reptilian or with strong ties to Reptilians. That of course being the kind of thing i've been writing about for 3 years on
It should also be added in that light that political background situations have already changed considerably and that (what i get about it) the 5 Illuminati groups that once more or less worked together, are now not only going in very different directions, but that all Illuminati leadership has fled the planet, leaving their management behind unattended. That means that NWO agenda of rounding up people seem to be centered in certain regions of the world and should not be considered a global problem anymore (for those who are interested in that kind of knowledge).

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