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the galactic superwave

article by Paul LaViolette published in NEXUS magazine 2009

Comets and asteroids are not the only space hazard that threatens the Earth. There is another
phenomenon that occurs far more frequently but that has only recently been discovered—the arrival
of an intense volley of Galactic cosmic rays, or what is termed a Galactic superwave.(1-4) The
most recent time that a major superwave affected the Earth, and the entire solar system, was during
the period from about 16,000 to 11,000 years ago. Through its ultimate energizing effect on the
Sun, it was responsible for bringing an end to the last ice age.
Through these solar effects, the superwave was also responsible for the mass extinction which
occurred 12,900 years ago in which 95 percent of the large mammal species on the North American
continent were wiped out. Paleontologists agree that this was the worst mass extinction since the
demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. But its cause had long been a mystery. Excessive
hunting by paleolithic tribes cannot account for the 22 genera of birds that also became extinct at
that time, nor can hunting explain the widespread slaughter of large and small mammals, not only to
the south of the North American ice sheet, but also in the Arctic (Alaska and Siberia), in Europe,
and even in South America. The remains of these animals are everywhere found entombed in
deposits left by the passage of catastrophic glacial meltwater floods.


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