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The Alien Hive Mind

Monday, 28 April 2008
ImageOn the Noble Realms forum i ran into a very interesting post about the hive mind. I found the topic interesting because i've been writing about why anti-social is unnatural and that has to do with Peter Kropotkin's research on genetic solidarity. The gest of that is that our kind naturally selects based on certain social traits because a selfish species would've evolved out of existence. That is simple: ants thrive because they stick together. The same, however, can be said about humans. Species that live solitary lives can only thrive under certain limited circumstances.
Humans are therefore social animals and anti-social behavior is unnatural to us. Anti-social attitudes should've been bred out of us in the course of our millions of years of evolution and the signs of our social attitudes are all around us. My blog articles have focused on reasons some people seem to fall outside this human mindset. That, then, in the case of humans, concerns a psychological disease that has been researched and about which Alice Miller goes into detail in her books.

ImageThere is another option, though: the hive mind like the ants. We don't have a hive mind. We still have a good deal of individuality. A hive mind, however, can grow to be intelligent as well. Possibly this would take longer than minds like ours but there could, of course, be alien species developing for millions of years that ultimately achieved great degrees of intelligence and technology. But a hive mind would be alien to ours.

I'm guessing that the hive mind might show certain characteristics we humans normally attribute to rigid, cerebral, and moralistic attitudes. Now that just happen to be the very characteristics associated with portals... aliens incarnated in human form.
Our mind accepts certain levels of independence. To excel is not seen by humans as being bad. Being unique or different is sooner attractive than repulsive. A hive mind, however, would disdain such attributes. To the hive mind the common denominator is the greatest good and adjusting oneself to the whole a given.
See Bee Movie with Seinfeld.... Seriously.

The portals among us, i've noticed, show the rigid, cerebral, moralistic attributes one would expect of beings that belong to a hive mindset. They consider authorities the greatest good there can be. It would be natural for hive members to accept any and all decisions made by authorities since they are the purest representives of the whole and the whole is their ultimate good/goal.
Humans vary in how they accept authority. First of all one can distinguish between authority based on power and authority based on competence. We humans find the first distasteful. A hive mind would not distinguish between the two, however.
Certain humans are more accepting of authority (in any form) than others. Specifically those with an authoritarian trauma (as researched by Alice Miller), those with blood type 0, and women tend to be more accepting of authority as a rule. The most superior human societies, however, have been developed by free people [i.e. not traumatized], ruled by men, and often [considering Asian and Jewish cultures] considerably influenced by the blood type B mindset. (For those interested in the blood type psychological distinctions, see articles on my blog.)

ImageIt is quite possible other intelligent life has developed according to the hive mindset that is in truth a threat to humanity because the hive mind is not acceptable to us. There would be little common ground between us. They call us self-centered, we call them controlling. They call us haphazard, we call them cold. They call us barbaric, we call them fascist. If alien intelligence is infiltrating humanity somehow and gaining access to positions of (political) power, they undermine everything we deem human. Portals, therefore, are a real threat. The hive mind is a real threat to humanity. It must be dealt with. You should be alert to 'people' exibiting hive consciousness for their inhumanity can lead to levels of violence and control that are inhuman(e) but once they're in positions of power their influence becomes very real and undermines society at the most basic levels.

These people, though, can be quite easily recognized. The problem is that they are among us, right in our middle and you may not wish to accept the cruel reality that family is in fact not human. Indeed, as the buddha Jesus once said it in Luke [12:52]: "For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three" or Mark [13:12]: "Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death".
How to recognize these aliens? Simple. They are not human and don't exibit attitudes that are normally associated with being human. They have no (healthy) sense of humor and they don't empathise with others like a human should.
Mind you, these people can be very close to you. My mother, it turned out once i understood the above, turned out to be an alien. "Aha!", I thought. "That's why i never saw her laugh". It's that kind of signs that lead you to the aliens in our midst.

ImageYou will note that some people are playing at being human, or are really trying hard but just don't seem to get the knack of things. I'm not talking about nerds. They can be humorous in their own way (or not). But if you're waiting for someone for years to exibit humor and empathy and finally show their nice side, it may simply be that they don't have one because you're not dealing with a human. How do you pull humanity out of a spider? How do you project humanity onto an ant? It is foolishness. A leopard doesn't lose its spots and the aliens in our midst will never become human. What they may become is dangerous, or perhaps the truth is that they already rule over us all.
William Cooper [the book Behold a Pale Horse] says he's seen documents that suggest that one in 40 people have alien implants in them. Could this (alien) behavior be due to this kind of manipulation?
Best to keep these people out of your personal life and certainly out of intimate circles or it's like you're living with a wild (intelligent!) amoral animal in your midst. In that case don't whine when you suddenly get bitten.

interesting article on scienceagogo: Evolution and the Hive Mind

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