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The Solution to Global Warming

Though the expression “we can put a man on the moon” has lost its meaning since serious doubts have arisen as to the veracity of American claims in the sixties of accomplishing that feat, for sure we have accomplished much in the way of research, science, and technological development. Yet time and again people doubt mankind’s ability to solve certain problems, much like they cling to belief in mankind’s abilities in other areas.
In the case of global warming, however, some faith in mankind’s abilities is warranted because the cure to global warming was found more than a decade ago.
I bother to spread the word because of the inconsistencies of government. Why do I say that? You see, you think that if there was a cure, surely governments would be embracing it. But in this sense you’d be giving government too much credit. Though governments are powerful, self-centered, opportunistic bastards and SHOULD be expected to use all the information at their disposal, they also have a nasty habit of destroying knowledge that doesn’t suit them at one certain moment in time. The problem is they’re often so good at it that the information is lost even to them when some future need for that particular information comes up. Look how governments have lost the ability to make a submarine, a massively important military development, yet the submarine was “invented” more than once. Governments are often so obsessed with putting down developments private researchers come up with that there is no thought to the practical uses it might have. They are obsessed with their power and their status quo above all else. Alice Miller's Black Pedagogics explains this; there is no sanity to governmental power mongering. It is a diseased condition and often leads to insanity, even the insanity of burning money or knowledge. Destruction is all too often the key to keeping your enemies at bay.

In the past couple of hundred years mankind has gone through a period of relative affluence for many cultures and these periods in history always coincide with scientific achievement. Especially in the last fifty years or so many researchers, private or governmentally funded, have come up with all kinds of interesting developments. It goes without saying that not all of them were politically expedient. Among them the invention of how to double gasoline: add one part WATER to one part gasoline, add some common detergent as glue and presto! You’ve doubled your gasoline. The inventor in question was on a CNN report [back when CNN was still more about news than propaganda] and had his Porsche running on the stuff with just a minor adjustment to the engine.
Never heard of the guy again…
Would America even want to know how to run a car on hydrogen, for example? That's knowledge everyone can have, where's the power in that? And considering the dollar is now directly related to the importance of oil, better to keep the world addicted to gasoline, Bush would say.

By now we know that gasoline is the ultimate political issue and it’s no wonder the government covered this one up. After all, it’s obvious to the world by now that Bush wants to push the oil issue no matter what. He’s not interested in solutions, he’s interested in expanding American influence. Oil is just a tool, albeit one that suits other points on his agenda.
There have been other bits of information offered on CNN before the government was savvy enough to stop them being aired BEFORE people like me noticed them. One was on how it’s possible to stimulate algae growth. And algae eat CO2 and spit out 75% of the world’s oxygen…

Algae are in a bad state. Krill eat algae but we’ve killed off all the krill EATERS, i.e. whales. There used to be possibly one thousand times more whales in our vast oceans as there are today. Why did we kill them? Their blubber used to be our crude oil. They were our oilfields of the past. They were unfortunately also the protectors of the sea’s algae and the seas are the Earth’s lungs, producing 75% of the world’s O2. Killing off the whales was like inducing pneumonia on the planet and now we can’t deal with CO2 anymore. The amount of CO2, therefore, isn’t the problem; the problem is our sick ‘lungs’ that can’t deal with it.
Great parts of the oceans are without oxygen now, O2 holes that can’t be explained by an excess of CO2. Indeed, if an excess of CO2 were the case there would be MORE oxygen in the sea because that much more CO2 would be getting converted to O2. No, the problem lies in the ocean’s ability to convert CO2 to O2 because the algae get eaten up too rapidly by the uninhibited growth of krill. The seas are dirty because the whales, once the vacuum cleaners of the ocean, are gone.

What we need, therefore, is more algae to do the job, turning CO2 into O2. It turns out what algae lack most in development is more iron; if you introduce very very fine iron into the ocean algae growth explodes. The researchers that brought us this very interesting bit of information estimated a metric ton of such iron spread into the ocean could reduce the planet’s temperature by half a degree! That’s right, the equivalent of one car’s worth of iron can reduce the planet’s temperature and reverse global warming by half a degree.
The trick is the quality of the iron. It has to be shaved down to a molecular size before the algae are able to utilize it. This is no problem, though. It’s a matter of just doing it.

I’ve explained before how the authoritarian trauma can be utterly self-destructive or suicidal. The primal reaction called forth by the authoritarian conditioning is neither moral nor intelligent. It’s just intense. Governmental destruction of information is like that. It’s neither intelligent nor moral, just intense. You can be sure your government doesn’t know about this bit of information. They’re not informed. Sure, sure, that’s what they need you to believe just like you need to believe they’re omnipotent and omniscient. You and their sick needs, however, don’t make your wishes come true. There is no substitute for the truth of the matter that there are solutions out there your government simply isn’t using because it’s too incompetent to do so.
I wonder, though, if this information would be embraced by government, even today…

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