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Preparing For Hard Times: Dangerous Acquaintances

There are a number of well-known sayings/expessions that apply when it comes to who to know in bad times. I’ll name 3 that you really should take to heart:
- they hit you when you’re down
- during hard times you find out who your friends are
- don’t throw pearls to swine
Preparing for worst-case scenarios is more than just creating a stockpile of supplies. For one, you realize that if you’re stock isn’t safe, you’ll have just made some vultures’ lives easier for a while after they pry your can of beans from your cold dead fingers… So you consider hiding your stash well and perhaps arming yourself to the teeth, but WHO did you keep your stash and weapons hidden from? More importantly, who ARE you trusting with details of your operation?

Past accounts of catastrophes from all over the world speak of brothers turning on brothers and even of parents eating their children, but how serious are you about the extent of the severity of the coming apocalypse and your measures today to ensure your survival under extreme conditions?
Jesus said that in the end days, two of a family will be divided against three, child will turn on parent, parent on child, sibling on sibling. Millennia-old legends from civilizations on all continents support this. You have so-called friends and family and maybe imagine their support but are you taking the THREAT they represent into account?

There are basically 2 kinds of intelligent life and people can be divided into two halves: those who betray and those who don’t. The biggest mistake people make when it comes to betrayal is trusting the wrong people to begin with. What kind of people are even capable of betrayal? Exactly: people you trusted in the first place! That means that who becomes a traitor lies with YOU, not with the army of potential parasites in the world waiting to swoop down on unsuspecting prey. You might be able to distrust strangers in a bad situation but were they ever the threat that people already in your inner circle are?

If you are healthy enough, psychologically speaking, your friends support you already and they will remain your friends in hard times. Unfortunately, most of us still surround ourselves with destructive relationships that can’t even be trusted today. You should get rid of all of these asap anyway, but the most insidious are family members that we tolerate for one reason only: BECAUSE they’re family! Changing friends is fairly common but cutting ties with family will prove difficult in many cases. Unfortunately, it could turn out to be of life-or-death importance if the family member in question can’t be trusted in a life-or-death situation.

Concepts that YOU may find self-evidently human(e) and civilized aren’t necessarily embraced by others, family [siblings and/or parents] included. What you may assume is a natural tendency may not be all that natural for someone else. What if their nature actually IS different? What if aliens not only exist, not only live on this planet, but live right among YOU?
"Aliens"? What am i talking about? Well, how about people whose minds are ruled by their REPTILIAN brain, which we all HAVE but which we don't all allow to rule our lives. Such a mind is "alien" to the mind of someone who allows their mammalian brain to supersede their reptilian. A human being is CAPABLE of having their mammalian brain rule their actions, which is what it takes to transcend barbarism. Civilization can only rule where the mammalian brain is allowed to express itself in people's lives. Life ruled by the reptilian brain is, in effect, alien to what might be called "human".

Let me put it this way: is it your EXPERIENCE that the people you know share what you might deem basic human values, or are you like everyone else who’s regularly considered other people’s behavior impossible to comprehend and utterly inhuman…?

Most people don’t want to accept the simple truth about life on this planet, i.e. we are constantly dealing with inhuman tendencies of people all around us, from politicians to siblings. These might even be considered by some as inhuman souls housing in human bodies. We forgive and forget and carry on with our day-to-day lives but if you’d stop to consider the matter, there are ‘people’ all around us who constantly baffle and bemuse because of what they do, think, and say. In preparing for Armageddon, your considerations of who you trust and what you assume about the people around you will mean more than any gold or foodstocks or weapons you hoard; a knife in the back at a propitious moment from an unsuspecting source and all your preparations will have been for naught, whether you have two weeks, two months, or two years of stores.

The vultures’ first, favorite, and easiest prey will be the suckers who assumed that the parasites that they allowed into their inner circle were sympathetic to anyone other than themselves. Your objective: recognize them TODAY and deal with them accordingly. You may not have the opportunity to do so when the moment of truth presents itself.

Preparation of such social nature is necessary in advance because, being human and civilized yourself, YOU will not kill in times of famine and annihilation, yet, if you allow it today, when the bad times fall upon us you’ll find yourself surrounded by family and acquaintances whose only objective it is to come to suck the life out of you, much like they probably are already doing figuratively today and will perhaps even literally do when TSHTF.

Your tolerance for what you suffer at the hands of intimates today isn’t appreciated, it is abused. And that simple fact won’t CHANGE during hard times, it will become extremely aggravated. How extremely? As extreme as the times themselves…
Jesus spoke of the hard endtimes and warned us, also saying we shouldn’t throw pearls to swine; if you don’t know the rest of that warning, look it up: one doesn’t throw pearls before swine because not only will they destroy what YOU considered of value, but you’ll have made yourself a target by engaging the swine in the first place.

Matthew 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

It is better that worthless people/parasites not feel welcome to come to you/be with you at all. Better that they never even come knocking at your door. If you rid yourself of them now, they will find other hosts to suck the life out of and no longer consider you a worthwhile target.
Many have been lucky in life so far and have not yet experienced the vulture-finding-cadaver behavior of kin and may make little of this more-than-potential threat. You have, nevertheless experienced inhuman and even “insane” behavior from them before; you need to trust your experience, judgement, and instincts and realize that those who won’t step up for little things, will certainly (at least) let you down for big things. When the going gets tough the tough may get going but the weak just get weaker. So don’t assume too much [or at all…] and don’t presume blood will suddenly make heroes out of consistently disappointing relatives. Also, otherwise trustworthy but gullible and ignorant folk should be kept in the dark about details of your life, for they will unwittingly pass on information about you to potential bloodsuckers.

If you’re going to prepare for a coming global catastrophe, either do it well or just forget about it and focus on enjoying life until the end comes. Otherwise you’ll only turn out to be supporting enemies of mankind when your stockpiles end up in inhuman hands.
Just don’t be surprised when what kills you in the end doesn’t turn out to be a tsunami or hypothermia or some hungry looter, but the person you allowed into your shelter, only because you’d known them all your life and you let them in or couldn’t keep them away.

This warning would not be complete, however, without a reference to the exponential nature of the times to come. The Earth is shifting and will divide into a lower- and higher-vibrational version and each individual will have to choose which frequency range suits them best. And there will be no neutral zone. That means that people you now consider harmless and have never really seen do evil, nor good, may one day suddenly have chosen a dark path that you formerly didn't associate with that person. But we must all choose and those who won't choose the higher-vibrational path of good WILL choose the lower-vibrational path of evil, only from now on the path they follow won't contain both good AND evil, but only evil... You'll see people change before your eyes, SEEMINGLY leaving all good behind. The truth is, however, that if someone was always in the middle, they never actually had chosen for good in the first place. So don't go presuming too much about the apparent neutrals in your life, either. In a way they are even more insidious than people who clearly chose the way of lower vibrations long ago and are already recognizable as such.

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