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MMS newsletters



Why the Genesis 2 Church does not furnish proof of its claims.

What kind of proof do you require? Please check under FDA suppression in Google or other search engines. All those who finally have acquired proof of their cures have either died violent deaths or been imprisoned as are many imprisoned right now. So long as you are just one more unproven theory, one more quack, they don't care, but prove your cure and you become an enemy. They have billions and don’t want to lose a dime. There is no money in a cure!!!! The money is in treatments medicines and insurances, not cures. You can furnish your own proof. Try it and see if it works. Healing by our ministers throughout the world or at our World Head Quarters in the Dominican Republic is free.

Clinical trials and scientific proof costs millions which we don't have. The system is set to prevent any real cures from every becoming known. The average drug at this time costs $800 million dollars to bring to market. But even if we had the money it still wouldn't get FDA approval. Many places in the world today there are those who will kill you for $50. Do you think that the pharmaceutical industry would just stand by and lose billions of dollars each year?

I’ve approached hundreds of wealthy individuals and corporations and all had a reason why not to help. Most were afraid of their friends, family, doctors, FDA, Governments and their accountants. There are thousands of people walking around and enjoying their life that would not be here if I had waited until I had scientific proof. Many said, "get FDA approval and we will put up millions." One billionaire that I approached said, "Here is $5000 dollars, but don't come back." He was probably heavily invested in the “Big Pharma” anyways. The scientific system is set to prevent anything like MMS from ever becoming known, because it was set by modern medical science. The same problem exists in the field of energy.

Those who keep emailing me saying, "If MMS worked there would be no one dying of malaria or cancer right now." But those same people won't try it or give it a chance. That should be their answer right there. There are thousands of others who won't give it a chance either because they all have been brain washed by the modern scientific method that if you don't spend hundreds of millions for FDA approval, it simply isn't true. BUT THERE ARE MILLIONS WHO HAVE GIVEN IT A CHANCE, SO REALLY IT CANNOT BE STOPPED NOW!

NOTE: People from all over the world are tired of being, abused and lied to and systematically eliminated by those who govern over them. Watch the news. The World is changing!!!

As always with love,
Bishop Jim Humble

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wikipedia lies

If you haven’t used Wikipedia (an online encyclopedia) lately, you might not know that anyone can write data into the information found there. Unfortunately that encourages many people to promote their own favorite phobias and hatreds that they have developed without evidence. In the case of MMS, it has always been without evidence because there is nothing that backs up the lies. There is no evidence anywhere showing that MMS does damage.

Another bad part about Wikipedia is that anyone can also erase anything that someone else writes. In this way Wikipedia encourages hundreds of demented and stupid psychopaths to push their ideas and beliefs on the rest of us. The psychopaths work in groups of at least 4 individuals.

· They watch and guard their writings and the minute anyone comes by and tries to write the facts, a psychopath immediately erases them and restores his or her own lies.

This is done on Wikipedia so that the lies remain in place and any posting of facts is erased within 10 minutes. We can’t compete with them as they seem to be willing to stay on the job 24 hours a day.

Thus, for almost two years, Wikipedia has erased all facts concerning MMS and added lies each time someone tried to tell the truth. Worse than that,

· Everywhere in Wikipedia where there is a mention of chlorine dioxide or sodium chlorite, or even sodium chlorate, they have included an additional lie about MMS.

Do you realize the implication of this? It means that probably thousands of people have continued to suffer and even die when MMS could have helped them, because these few demented psychopaths have continued to lie and to force their superstition on the rest of humanity. They do it without knowing the chemistry of MMS or even trying to learn it, and without being willing to look at what MMS is doing. They also do this same thing to many other non-medical disease treatments. They have decided that they know best for humanity and that you and everyone else don’t deserve to know what is out there. Or they can afford to do it because the pharmaceutical companies pay their salary and of course that is the most likely scenario.

Should I apologize for calling them psychopaths? There doesn't seem to be a nice word for them. If they were just doing this out of ignorance, I would find a nicer name, but paid or not, they do it out of malice and they are hurting people.

So let me explain what they have done concerning MMS. There isn’t room to repeat what they have written word for word, but I’ll give you an idea. If you want to read it, and I hope you will, you can go to Wikipedia and search the site for "Miracle Mineral Supplement".With that title for their article, they start off on the wrong foot -- that is not the correct name of MMS. It should say, "Master Mineral Solution".

Two Blatant Mistakes
Because they don't understand chemistry, those Wikipedia writers make 2 big mistakes.

Mistake #1

In the very first sentence, they say sodium chlorite is a toxic chemical. But the EPA does not consider sodium chlorite to be a toxic chemical. Further, the FDA has long approved it for use on food and in water purification and why would they authorize a toxic chemical to be used on food? Here is the reference:

 21 C.F.R. 173.325 Acidified Sodium Chlorite solutions

You can put this into Google or any search engine. Most of the food you eat is treated with sodium chlorite before it arrives at your supermarket.

Mistake #2

They do not realize that people who use MMS do not ingest sodium chlorite. When sodium chlorite is mixed with citric acid, the citric acid destroys the sodium chlorite before it is taken into the body. This destruction of the chlorite is visible. You cannot mistake what you are taking.

· No one ingests sodium chlorite from taking MMS

I call this a "mistake" but when a person knows his writing is wrong it is really a lie.

The Wikipedia References are Smoke and Mirrors

The Wikipedia writers list 21 references to prove their points. But their references either prove my point or they prove nothing.

· References 1 and 3 are not available and thus prove nothing.

· Reference 2 is a scientific journal in French, but it only refers to chlorate, which is not a part of MMS, so this reference proves nothing.

· Reference 4 is a clinical report of testing animal tolerance for sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide, and sodium chlorate. All data given proves my contention that MMS is OK to take by mouth. Read the report for yourself. Here it is:

It didn’t hurt any of those rats used in the tests to ingest amounts even stronger than those used by people in real life.

· Reference #5 is a Health Canada report where they repeat everything said by the FDA. Neither the FDA nor Health Canada cited any evidence or tests. When I called to ask if they had followed up on the phone calls complaining about a stomach ache and low blood pressure, they said that no, they had not investigated those complaints.

Then they mislead you by stating that MMS is a 28% sodium chlorite solution and that it is a dangerous solution that can cause all kinds of terrible damage. Well, yes, didn't we learn that in freshman high school chemistry: “Any chemical in the world is poisonous in large amounts”?

The lie is that you take a 28% solution of chlorine dioxide when in fact you take a 0.00004% solution. That is 700,000 time less than what they are trying to confuse you into believing.

They want you to believe that MMS is 28% when ingested when it is actually 0.00004%. Why would they try to spread such a lie? Well, for every cancer patient they can scare into not taking MMS, the cancer industry gains $800,000.

To learn about the MMS 0.00004% strength doses, please look at the instructions for MMS on my Web Site, under MMS protocols.

           end of part 1

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wikepedia lies [part 2]

Stomach Ache and Low Blood Pressure?

The Wikipedia writers talk about reduced blood pressure, nausea and diarrhea mentioned by the FDA and Health Canada. But these two agencies didn’t investigate the complaints of low blood pressure or stomach ache and they have never given any other evidence against MMS.

Fake References Again

The Wikipedia writers' references again prove nothing.

· Reference #14 merely cites an article written by a 15-year-old boy who does not believe in a ‘cure all’. So that reference doesn’t apply to MMS in any way.

· Reference #15 is just another announcement by the Food Standard Agency in Canada against using MMS, but they offer no evidence.


· Reference #16 again alerts us to the terrible danger, but they offer no tests or chemical theory or any other kind of data to back up their announcement. It’s just “Warning: don’t take MMS.”

· Reference #7 is even dumber. It says MMS is a 28% mixture (it is not); then it says the mixture of sodium chlorite and an acid produces chlorine dioxide (this is true); and then it cleverly says, “Which is an industrial bleach.”

Well, vinegar is an industrial acid, and salt has hundreds of industrial uses. In doing their best to make MMS sound bad, they fail to mention that MMS, like salt and vinegar, is used in mixtures thousands of times weaker than the industrial applications.My reference again is my website The instructions prove the doses are very weak.

Moving Along in their Fakery

The Wikipedia writers then make the statement that: “reliable scientific evidence” supports only dangers from use of MMS. They say that any claims of benefit come only from anecdotal reports and from Jim Humble’s book.

· They don’t mention that those anecdotal reports are in the hundreds of thousands.

Any real scientist would know that this many anecdotal reports constitute valuable evidence. And of course they offer no examples of their “reliable scientific evidence.” There is, in fact, no “reliable scientific evidence” proving that MMS is dangerous.


· MMS is only dangerous in large quantities and so is table salt and every other chemical on Earth.

The rest of the Wikipedia article seeks to mislead you in every line. They like to throw in a few statements from some impressive-sounding authorities; e.g., that according to the EPA, neurodevelopment and reproductive damage could result from small doses of chlorine dioxide. They say “could” but offer no evidence that MMS could cause such damage. That's because there isn't any evidence of such damage ever happening.

· Reference # 6 tells of renal failure from extreme overdose, but fails to mention that there was no death, and in the last 100 years, no death has ever been recorded that shows renal failure from an overdose of chlorine dioxide.

That particular overdose was not due to MMS. It was due to someone trying to commit suicide by taking 10 grams of sodium chlorite, but the suicide was a failure.

· Reference #9 is an FDA letter sent to Jenine M. Cohoon of Provo, UT, warning her that she must stop selling MMS and other herbs. No evidence is given that is relevant to the data about MMS in Wikipedia. It is just a warning letter tossed in by the Wikipedia writers to impress you, and as long as you don’t read it, it looks like a legitimate reference.

· Reference #21 links to a study at concerning chlorine dioxide and mostly rats. If you want to take the time to read it, you will see that is shows MMS is very safe to take. Keep in mind that the intensive MMS Protocol 1000 recommends 2 mg/kg per day for a 70 kg (154 lbs.) man. That’s less than was given to the rats (per their weight) and the rats were unaffected by it.

So as I have already said, these references all either prove nothing or they prove my contention that MMS is safe to take. Just remember, as with table salt, you can take too much of it. But it is plenty safe in its recommended doses.

Note: Just 2 gallons of water can kill a person. Dosage is the key.

If you want governmental proof that MMS is safe to take, go to:

Of course the government won’t refer to it, but there it is. I suppose they will be removing it from the internet soon. It’s only used as a reference here because the Wikipedia writers didn’t realize it proves my statement that MMS is safe. They didn’t take time to read it, or they thought you would be confused.

There is a lot more to tell about this Wikipedia MMS Article, as I have covered only some of the lies. There is no room here in the newsletter but I am covering all the lies on a website, as I feel that it will give you a better idea of how MMS works and also a better idea of how the psychopaths lie. It will be on my site “MMS world court,” available for viewing in about a week.

As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble


My next MMS Seminar is March 28th – April 6th,(Dominican Republic). For more info., please contact us at
Take the MMS Video course taught by me personally now at home and become a “Health Minister”. (For more info about MMS Home Video Course, contact us at
(For more info. about joining the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, contact us at

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"Save Earth and Mankind"

The Most Important Game on Earth is Now,

"Save Earth and Mankind"

You are invited to play and to take a key role!

Start a NON RELIGIOUS GENESIS II CHURCH of Health and Healing, and heal people free of charge and accept donations like all churches. You can heal 95% of the world’s diseases.

There are two ways to become a Health Minister:

1. Attend a seminar in the Dominican Republic with Jim Humble or one of our Health Minister’s worldwide. Please contact, Rev. Dr. Joe at for details. Our next course in the Dominican Republic is March 28th- April 6th.

2. Buy the Home video course. Please contact Rev. Dr. Jon at

Note: Every Genesis II Health Minister is a member of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. This membership does NOT take the place of the YOUR personal spiritual beliefs. A Church is a group of people who believe the same thing to worship God or to serve mankind in some way. Our signed Articles of Association placed on the World Wide Web formed the Church, see Remember, we are a Church of Health and Healing. We are spiritual people but the only prerequisites to joining our Church are:

    Do Good deeds!
    Heal the Sick!
    Always do what is Right!
Now, anyone on Earth should agree to those above mentioned requirements. If not, then they just can’t be a Genesis II Health Minister but they can still study the Home Course and get a Certificate of Completion. The Genesis II Church has been created to protect the world's rights in making Health Care decisions. Anyone can belong to the Church who believes in our Mission to Mankind.

Watch for Jim Humble’s new book, “Master Mineral Solution for the 3rd Millenium”.This book starts where Jim’s first book ended, up to present. This is very informative as to what has happened worldwide with MMS. We will be sending out an announcement real soon.

As always with love,
Bishop Jim Humble

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16th May

This is a short letter to keep you apprised of some of the things going on in the world of MMS.

The 11th Seminar

This time there were just 12 new people from around the world. They were from Australia, Wales, USA, and Ireland. But at the same time, we picked up another 6 countries through people who are taking our DVD Minister of Health course. The 6 countries were Gambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. That now makes 52 countries in which our Ministers are ministering to the sick free of charge and accepting donations when they are well.


New Seminar Approach

With this particular Seminar, we ended up starting a new program. As usual on the first day, I had everyone do a complete day of Sacrament 1000 (that’s Protocol 1000). Several people decided to continue this protocol for the rest of the week. They did, as well as doing all the other programs such as the bag treatment, putting MMS in their eyes and ears, and 10 other treatments. In that week, people found that ongoing problems they had arrived with cleared up -- for example, one man who had zits and splotches on his face finished the week with a completely clear complexion.


People come to our seminars to learn enough about MMS to handle their problems -- not to treat the problems while they're here. But why not do both? Why not come to learn MMS and also to treat any particular problem that has been bothering you. That way both you and the entire group learn twice as much.


From now on when people arrive, we will take several pictures of them and more pictures when they leave. They will be able to see the difference if there is any. Some will see a big difference and some will need more time on the protocol, but in either case, people will learn twice as much.

Suddenly Needing Her New Knowledge
During the seminar, one of our students reached into a bougainvillea bush to touch a very beautiful bright purple flower. Instantly two wasps stung her on the wrist. She is one of those people who swell excessively with insect bites and she would usually have a bad two or three weeks with such a sting. This time, she didn't even consult me. She had already studied that section of the class material. She immediately went into the dining room, got a shot glass, and put in 4 drops of MMS and 4 drops of citric acid. She turned her wrist and the shot glass sideways so that the glass would cover the wasp stings but the MMS liquid would not run out on her arm.

Do you see what she was doing? She was treating the wasp stings with MMS gas (chlorine dioxide gas). Just the gas, nothing more. She did this for only about 2.5 minutes, and the swelling, which had already started, immediately began to subside. By the end of 10 minutes, the swelling and pain were gone and only the two tiny holes were left.

The chlorine dioxide gas destroyed any poison covering the holes, it entered the holes, and it destroyed the poison inside them.
It is a hundred times more powerful than the poison. The tiniest amount of gas is all it takes, and the gas does no trace of harm to the body cells.


Same Technique for Staph
That is exactly the same process that you could use on MRSA (a staph infection) to save someone's life. This and many other things are what our ministers learn here in the Dominican Republic. Come join us -- Earth needs a million more such Ministers.


MMS and Autism
You may recall that our Minister of Health in Mexico, Kerri Rivera, has been ministering to over 400 autistic children by working with their mothers using the Church's cleansing water (MMS) and the Church's Sacraments. Kerri has developed a number of her own improvements to the sacraments which have made them more effective, one of which is that:

Her mothers have been giving the drops for more than the 8 or 10 hours suggested in the sacraments.
This seems to have an even better effect. You might be interested to know that Kerri is now working with more than 1000 mothers and all the children are getting good results. The treatment has been extended to ADD, ADHD, and Asperger's Syndrome. The results throughout the world are fantastic. Kerri said that it would be alright to give you her email address so here it is:


My New Book Available For Download


Please go to: to purchase the eBook, Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium. Tell your family and friends! It contains a lot of very important information that people need. Please, help us get this eBook to as many people as possible!!! The print version will be available in a few weeks and I will notify you in another newsletter.

I’m really excited about the information in this book getting to the whole world! There are so many important findings, testimonies, new protocols etc. The MMS movement is growing daily worldwide. We now have 217 Health Ministers in 50 countries teaching others to teach others!


Upcoming Worldwide MMS Seminars

Dominican Republic

June 20th-29th; and
Aug 7th -- 17th.
For more information, please contact us at



You can take the MMS video course at home, taught by me personally, and become a Health Minister. For more information, please contact us at
To learn more about joining the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing , please contact us at
To see the membership cards, please go to or
Our email address was hacked and is no longer being used.
Go to and for disease protocols.
For all other questions, please contact us at:

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Remember, we are a non-religious church and our members can believe anything they want. We ask only that you agree to:

1. Doing good deeds

2. Healing the sick

3. Always doing what is right, and

4. Working for the freedom of mankind.

These things are what we are doing, because we believe in them, so we do have those beliefs. We are a church in the service of mankind. That means our members can go to other places for their spiritual beliefs and worship practices. It is legitimate to form a church in service to either mankind or God and we have chosen to be of service to mankind.


True Story of a Good Friend


 I have a good friend with whom I have communicated off and on for a few years. For his safety, I can’t tell you his name, what country he is in, or even the continent where his country is located. But for this newsletter, let's give him a good easy name. We'll call him Bill.


Bill worked for many years for a government agency of his country. His job was to do bad things, to destroy things and people that the country considered should be destroyed for its benefit. (I have been told that the USA has now adopted a policy of destroying "bad guys" in a clandestine way whenever it's deemed necessary.)


After many years, my friend was able to retire and he moved as far away as he could. He wanted to make sure that he would never again be called back to do “jobs” for his country.


The Local Tribes

He arrived deep in another country far back in the mountains in an area where over 30 tribes lived, and there he settled down. Right away, he noticed the isolated condition of the tribes and the government oppression. But he thought it would be ideal for himself, as the government discouraged travelers to the area.


These tribes have been suppressed by the government of that country for more than 100 years. They are kept ignorant with:

· No modern education

· Only rudimentary medical service

· No missionaries allowed

· No TV (as there is no electrical power).

The government considers these tribes useless and blocks anything that might arrive there to improve their conditions. They have become a political issue and no-one in that general area can be elected if they show a desire to help them.


Setting up for MMS

Bill began to learn the language and communicated a little with tribal members. Within months, he began to understand the plight of these people and the suffering of those who had no medical treatment when they needed it desperately. He had already heard of MMS and he knew that he must bring it to these people. He had never used it, nor was he a doctor of any sort, but he was very resourceful.

· He first connected to the internet in a small nearby town.

· Then he ordered a hundred pounds each of the two chemicals that make MMS to be delivered to a small nearby seaport.

· It took a while, but he went to the port and finally took the barrels to his small town by taxi. It cost a few dollars, but he had dollars and now he had what was necessary to make MMS for thousands of people. It was right under the government's nose and no one knew that he had it.

In time, he moved into a house near the mountain tribes and set up one of the rooms for making MMS. He visited the local "medicine man" and talked to him about what he could offer. The medicine man was willing to try anything new, especially from a white man, as the tribes have a lot of respect for white men.


Working With the Medicine Man

My friend didn’t call it MMS as he didn’t want to attract the government's attention. They knew he was there, but they didn’t bother him much, since he knew how to handle governments, and how to stay away from them. Of course, the medicine man was amazed when the people he was treating began to get well.


To make a long story short, Bill and the medicine man, now good friends, visited 32 mountain tribes, setting each one up to use MMS. They just called it "medicine". It took months but finally, with help from tribal members, the “medicine” was delivered to all the tribes in bottles and cans and whatever else Bill could buy in the nearby town nearly 30 miles distant.


From Killer to Life-Saver

Bill trained each tribe's medicine man from the information that he learned on MMS sites. Over the next year, thousands of diseases were treated and thousands benefited. The government took no interest in it. Bill's work is continuing to this day.


Here is a man who previously killed people but who is now saving lives and helping to relieve much suffering. Watching the treatment of their neighbors, tribal people began to call him to different locations when they had special problems. He has become an expert in the use of MMS and in saving lives. He certainly became a hero to these people.


Here, through the Genesis 2 Church that none of those people will ever hear about, was redemption for a man who never believed that there would be redemption.


And that is something the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing can offer. It’s a benefit that did not occur to us until now -- redemption for anyone who has ever been doing bad things. That could be anyone, but it is especially true for those who have been doing bad things in health and healing.

Come For Some MMS Training

No matter what you might have been doing for big business, or for government, medicine, oil companies, or any other entities that work against the human race, you still have a chance for redemption. It’s not our job to get you right with God -- our job is to get you right with mankind. Why not come here and get trained to use MMS and then go some place where you can save lives and reduce suffering?

· We can find a place for you to go, or at least help you find a place.

You can still save a thousand lives this lifetime. Getting right with mankind will go a long way towards getting right with God, if you feel you need to do that. But it is more important now, while you are alive, to get right with mankind.


So come and talk to Jim Humble -- after all, he is the Bishop of this Church. What better man to discuss the whole thing with? Or you could just go and do it. And for sure, you will have the best time of your life for the rest of your life. As hundreds have already said, seeing people become healed, healthy and happy is more fun than anything else.


My New Book Available For Download

Please go to to purchase the eBook, Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium. Tell your family and friends! It contains a lot of very important information that people need. Please, help us get this eBook to as many people as possible!! The printed version will be available in a few weeks and I will notify you in another newsletter.


I’m really excited about the information in this book getting to the whole world! There are new protocols and so many important findings and testimonies. The MMS movement is growing daily worldwide and we now have 218 Health Ministers in 53 countries teaching others to teach others!


Jim’s New Book Now Available as a Kindle eBook

You can purchase the Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium Kindle eBook at under the topic “Kindle eBooks”.


Upcoming Worldwide MMS Seminars


Dominican Republic
June 19th-29th; and
Aug 7th -- 17th

Costa Rica
June 19th – 29th

For more information, please contact us at


Our New Website,, is Now Live

Please check it out and give us your opinion and ideas. Maybe you have some good data or info. Remember, we need testimonies for the websites and if you can, sworn affidavits as described in our previous newsletter. Also, if you can do a 3-5 minute YouTube video testimony, it would help a lot of people to SEE and HEAR what you did to cure yourself with MMS. You can send testimonies or add yours at


To see some of Jim's new video interviews, please go to the MMSmineral channel at YouTube. We are using this site to add MMS video testimonies so please send us your 3-5 minute video MMS testimony.


Validating a Jim Humble’s “Authorized, Official, Certified”site


We get many e-mails asking whether an advertised site that claims to be “an official Jim Humble site”, “an authorized Jim Humble respesentative”,

“a Jim Humble Certified site”, or something similar and want to know if these claims are true. Contact us with the info about a website, book, tape, interview or in any other form claiming to be Jim Humble’s official, exclusive, authorized, certified, representative or similar wording at



· You can take the MMS video course at home, taught by me personally, and become a Health Minister. For more information, please contact us at

· To learn more about joining the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, please contact us at

· To see the membership cards, please go to

· Our email address was hacked and is no longer being used.

· For disease protocols, go to or

· Donations can be given at,, as well as our other sites.

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June 30 2011 newsletter

There has never been a similar Church to this Church. There has never been a Church of Health and Healing. (In so far as our research has been able to determine). Our name is Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. The word Genesis means, ‘’ The Beginning.” The II (Two) symbolizes the second beginning. And we look at the words Health and Healing to indicate that we are working towards , ”a new world without disease”.

In most countries of the world the common law says, and/or statutes have been legislated to say, it is a legitimate purpose to form a Church to serve God or to serve MANKIND in some way. So far our research shows, down through the ages it has almost always been stated legally and lawfully that the second purpose (of serving mankind) is a legitimate purpose for forming a Church. Remember, a Church is nothing more than a group of people who have joined together for some common purpose.

AND as stated above, we have not been able to find any evidence of any other Church that has ever been formed to serve MANKIND. Generally, all Churches are formed to serve God. If helping mankind in some way serves God then they do that, but they consider their help to be serving God. Of course, we have no argument with that what-so-ever in any way!

HOWEVER, that is not our purpose. We were formed to serve MANKIND directly. We want to bring about a world without disease (there will always be some disease until it is healed, but essentially earth will be considered without disease). We will also serve MANKIND in other ways. We intend to help MANKIND extract himself from a world of death to a world of the living over the coming years. It is not a religious goal; it is a realistic goal of having us all live in a decent world, a world where the brutality has finally been overcome, where men no longer kill other men for financial gain.


Although the required six of us has written up our common beliefs, signed them, notarized them, and deposited them where the public can see them as required lawfully, we do not require those who join us to believe anything in particular, or change their beliefs in any way, however anyone who does join us must come into our church to help with at least one of the 5 services to mankind listed below. Our service to mankind consists of: (1) Doing good deeds, (2) Healing the sick, (3) Always doing what is right, (4) Working for the freedom of mankind, and (5) Enlightening those who sleep.

We do not feel that it is our mission to teach our members any kind of beliefs beyond the technology of our Cleansing Water and other cleansing technology of our healing Sacraments. We believe that it is each member’s private responsibility to form this own religious beliefs and thus we remain neutral to all the religious beliefs of our members.

At our World Head Quarters in the Dominican Republic inside our compound walls we do require our members to remain within proprietary realms of conduct. We do not allow beer parties at any time and no alcohol during class days. But that is inside of our walls as learning MMS is a serious endeavor with many lives and suffering in the balance. We want people to be serious about learning MMS while they are here. But we do not tell anyone how to act, or behave or anything like that once they leave our complex. We want people to come here to learn during the week, but on the weekends what they do is their own business and we cannot control that nor will we try.

Here is an interesting bit of History. So far as we know there has never been another church formed to be of service to Mankind, yet down through time common law and other statues created by legislatures have almost always stated that being of service to mankind is another legitimate reason to form a Church. Don’t you think that is kind of funny that they would continue to state that even though no one has ever done it in hundreds of years, that is, no one has ever formed a Church for the purpose of serving mankind? And now we have done that. And because it has always been stated in law it will make our Church that much more legitimate, and almost impossible for any court to invalidate. If it were invalidated by a court the next court in line would almost certainly reinstate it.


Do you see? For thousands of years mankind has been promised that a special happening would come about to somehow take man to a higher level at the beginning of the third millennium. For that event to happen many things have been prepared over the centuries. One small thing is that laws have been prepared in such a way that they will protect any Church that will bring good things to mankind at this time. And there are other laws that will protect such a Church. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing will be using those laws to protect itself while bringing healing and other good things to mankind. We need your help. With just a tiny bit of help from each of our members we will change the world. In fact, all we need from each of our members is 30 seconds of effort only once a week. If we can get that, we will indeed change the world.


Can you believe that? We have a plan that only takes 30 seconds of effort only once a week from each member. If we can get that 30 seconds from at least 90% of our members only once each week, we can and will change the world. We will be telling you about it in the next several weeks and you will agree with us, that we will change the world. Now is the time to start thinking you will give us 30 seconds of your time on your computer once each week. Decide to help in that small way right now. Of course, there are those of you who will come and train and become a Minister and Doctor of MMS, but for those who stay behind, we only need 30 seconds of your uninhibited time. That time must be done to the best of your ability.


MEMBERSHIP: There are a number of advantages to becoming a member of this church besides the fact that you will be helping us change the world to a better place. I mean really change the world not all the mamby pamby stuff that the religions have been spewing for the past thousands of years. Here is a list of some of the advantages:


 Protection against vaccinations, unwanted x-rays, scans, or health insurance mandated by human authority. We are a church and it is against our church’s beliefs. People have already used their membership cards to keep from being vaccinated, and from going through scans.

The ability to purchase health products of all kinds in any quantity including but not limited to food, plants, vitamins minerals, herbs and all remedies in any quantity necessary for yourself or your family. This protection will be more understood when the church has its own health food stores right in the church building. The belief includes the right to maintain these products in your own home.

The membership includes a picture membership card with these rights written on the back and a notice that anyone violating these rights will be prosecuted by the Church.

The Church Membership costs $35 per adult which includes the Membership card with a picture for the first year and $20 a year there after. Children 12 and below are ½ price and each child should carry one of these cards especially to prevent vaccinations.


Ministers and Doctors of MMS: Doctors and Ministers of MMS are trained in the ten day seminars. The training is very intense and includes doing and using all the sacraments (protocols) on oneself. Each student learns all the technical data of why MMS works and Sacraments for most diseases of mankind. Finally there is 3 days of treating many locals for all the diseases that they have. The students working together usually treat as many as 300 students during the 3 days.


Finally, each student receives a Health Minister’s certificate or a Doctor’s certificate, plus a certificate giving permission to open a local Mission or Church, and an identification card naming them as a Minister or Doctor of the Genesis II Church. No one in the History of Man has had as much ability to heal as many diseases with as much certainty. Medical doctors, for instance, will in their entire lifetime heal less people than one of our Ministers will heal in one month. The doctor’s certificate is dependent upon some experience. Once a student or Minister has healed 10 people we feel justified in issuing a Doctorate degree. Why wouldn’t we? No other healer anywhere on earth can do what a Genesis II Church Doctor or Minister can do.

What we have created here and are now in the process of doing no other group or organization on Earth has ever done. There are millions using MMS, but no one knows more about using MMS than our Ministers. Nowhere are there greater humanitarians than those who come here. Please let me personally invite you to come join us and become a Health Minister or Doctor of MMS and begin healing the people of this planet. Earth needs your help. We have the tools to change earth.

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The Church of Freedom [1/2]

We believe in freedom for mankind. We believe that each individual has the right to be sovereign. Did you know that under common law, which is now active in many of the courts of the world and throughout the US, you have a right to do anything you wish so long as it does not harm anyone else or interfere with their rights. The US Federal and State governments make laws that do not apply to your rights until you do something to bring yourself under their rules. Your parents may have done it for you, but you can undo those things done for you as a child.

Our Church Promotes Individual Freedom
I want to tell you a little about the freedom of our Church which is also your Church. This is the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing – the Church of mankind. We have no rules, only guiding principles. We are a group of people who have come together to serve humanity with the 5 guiding principles mentioned above. Unlike other churches, we do not have a long list of rules that you must obey, or things you can’t do, or things you must do in order to be a member. We don’t say you can’t be divorced, or can’t smoke, or that you must kneel down facing east, or eat certain foods, or not eat certain foods. All we ask is that in some way, at some time help, you us with one or more of those five guidelines listed above. Even just believing in those things will help. If that is all you can do, then please do it.

Anyone can join our church – Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, religious or non-religious people. Anyone is welcome because we are focusing on health and healing and not on religion. Anyone can serve mankind in one of these ways. Please join us. Help us to serve people, because in the final analysis, that is what will save mankind. As a member of our Church, you will have a plastic ID card showing that:
You are a member

You are exempt from vaccinations, medications, and forced health insurance, and

You have the right to purchase, and maintain in your home, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other products for your own health.

Our Members Already Protecting Their Own
A number of our members have been able to prevent vaccinations and X-rays and scans. This week alone, we have had a couple of members use the protection of the Genesis II Church. After the birth of their baby, the couple were told their newborn needed a Vitamin K shot, silver nitrate in the eyes, and vaccinations. They refused and were told that their baby would be taken from them. But after they showed their membership cards and explained that those things are against their religion, the health professionals backed off.

Another case was a 12 year old girl entering high school who was told she needed to take the “mandatory” tetanus shot to be enrolled. She refused because of religious reasons.

In 2007, the then CDC chief (U.S. Centers for Disease Control), Julie Gerberding, admitted that vaccines cause autism. Although many have known this for a while, a public statement of the fact from such a person as the CDC chief should be enough for parents to be able to disallow the vaccination of their children. Please see: h-nkD5LSIg." rbtag2="rb-qdecode-href-en" rbcvt="1">

Senator Robert Kennedy has stated the same thing at: and Senator Timothy Kennedy refers to it here:

Implementing The Church’s Five Principles
We are collecting success stories about those five principles listed above. Some time when you do a good deed or heal someone, let us know about it. Send us a short success story. That also goes for any situation in which you were able to determine the correct action because you did what was right.

Working for the freedom of mankind is a bit more complex but one way to do it would be to just keep yourself informed of those things and people who are seeking to make us slaves. For example:

Read the Civil Assets Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000 HR1658. That is the act under which the US government simply walks in and claims over 6 billion dollars of private property each year, auctions it off, and adds the money to the coffers of the US. That is houses, cars, bank accounts, businesses, property, and everything you can think of. There is no way to recover your private property; once they take it, they keep it.

Then also read the Patriot Act and see where we as a nation or an individual have no freedoms left to us. At least know these things so that you will know what to say the next time such a discussion comes up.

Remember, the natural impetus and desire of people is for freedom. The more freedom anyone has, the greater is his ability to survive. And remember too, the natural impetus and desire of governments is to make slaves of people, as they feel that the more slaves they make, the greater is their ability to survive. A government always sets up a law-making body and begins to make laws that create slaves. A constitution should prevent this, but when the government begins to disregard the constitution, then slavery happens anyway. That is what has happened in the US.

A School Of Common Law
I wish we could give you several months of common law schooling. However we have an excellent course in common law that will teach you some amazing things. It is only 8 hours, but you will learn important things about law, freedom, and the US constitution. If you choose common law, you will be able to beat anyone who uses the normal legal system of legislated laws and you won’t need a lawyer. So save yourself thousands of dollars and learn how to represent yourself in court.

Government Suppression of MMS
It is getting harder and harder to find the chemical from which MMS is made (sodium chlorite). This is happening all around the world and we continue to be notified of it by emails from around the world. The governments are working on ways to keep anyone from getting sodium chlorite. They are doing this mostly in the name of terrorism. No-one has ever used the MMS chemical to create any kind of terrorism. Nothing has ever happened even by accident, but at any slight reason for limiting our freedom, the government jumps right in there. In the case of sodium chlorite, they are working world-wide at a feverish pitch to prevent its use by private citizens while allowing it to be used by large corporations. Of course, only private citizens have been obtaining and selling MMS since the corporations must conform to government dictates. The corporations don’t mind as long as they are allowed to make money.

continue to 2/2

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The Church of Freedom [2/2]

I warned that this would happen and it is happening. Please stock up on sodium chlorite if you can. Your life may depend upon it. Do you see how they are planning to stop MMS? They are making it harder and harder for private citizens to obtain sodium chlorite. It takes a while to get all the laws in place and all borders closed to MMS, but it is happening.

I hope you are not missing the point that the governments are preventing and will continue to prevent use of MMS. If it was completely approved by the FDA, that would not change things. It has not changed things with many other cures that worked, even when all testing was complete and proven.

People such as Royal Rife and William Koch, about 80 years ago, had proven and tested cures for cancer. And even after all FDA tests were completed successfully and 100,000 proven cases were recorded, they were still arrested, their labs destroyed, their books burned, and their equipment broken. Rife died in prison and Koch died broke after spending all his money on staying out of prison. I hope you will read about them. Just look up “FDA suppression” on the Internet.

Our Church Still Obtains Sodium Chlorite
But in spite of all that, the Genesis II Church will be able to obtain sodium chlorite for its cleansing water (same as MMS) and the sacraments of the church will continue to heal people. Come to our seminar and learn the information that no healer has ever known. Our Ministers are the most powerful healers ever known on Earth. They can save their own lives and the lives of thousands of people and they already have. You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, and humanity to learn this data. Only the Church will eventually have the necessary healing water. I am sorry. I didn’t want it to be that way, and we may be able to change that as we go along, but that is the direction it is heading now. Still, we will freely give it.

In most of the countries of Europe, natural herbs have already been outlawed. Governments are working on that in the US and Canada and plan to implement it by 2015. Many of the requirements of Codex Alimentarius have already been put in place in the US. There was no fanfair. The laws just went into effect and now there are many things you can no longer buy. For example, you can no longer buy strong laxatives as they have all been reduced in strength, some as much as 5 times weaker than just a few months ago.

New eBook Available Early Next Week
Please read my new book, available in a few days at It tells all. Tell your family and friends! It contains a lot of very important information that people need. Please, help us get this eBook to as many people as possible!! The printed version will be available in a few weeks and I will notify you in another newsletter. I’m really excited about the information in this book getting to the whole world! There are new protocols and so many important findings and testimonies. The MMS movement is growing daily worldwide. We now have 225 Health Ministers in 55 countries teaching others to teach others!

When you come here, we have you do everything in the book and we also teach details you can’t get from a book. As part of the seminar, you will be using MMS:

In your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears;
To brush your teeth;
As fumes in your mouth for teeth and gum problems (it kills MRSA in 5 minutes);
As fumes for your lungs (very carefully);
For gargling;
In your hair; and
On your feet and legs.

You will do all these things while here and you will know that you can handle at least 95% of all humanity’s diseases.

We Need Your Help
We need your help to keep this training center going, as it is important to the world. The reason why we depend on students coming and paying for the training is a hard question at first. You would think there would be hundreds of rich people, if not thousands, looking to help MMS become known. But that isn’t the way this world works. The millionaires and billionaires have become rich in the face of starvation and poverty. They horde their money, and if they have great amounts, it is because they have decided not to allow it to be used to help mankind. There are very few who deviate from that idea. And the super rich families who run the world not only horde their money from the people – most of their money has been stolen from the people, through the banks and Federal Reserve. Thus MMS cures thousands of people but the money does not come from the rich or the governments. Sorry, it comes from you, the people.

So the money you spend coming to the Dominican Republic for our seminar results in thousands of people healed and lives saved. Your money will continue to work for mankind for years to come as you, our students, are the main people responsible for seeing that this data gets out to the world.

Upcoming Worldwide MMS Seminars
Dominican Republic
Aug 7th -- 17th
Sept.25th- Oct.5th
For more information, please contact us at

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FDA Attacks MMS Once Again

The website is the public face, or online door, of Daniel Smith’s business, home, and warehouse, housed together.

- That building was raided by a group of thirty FDA agents and most everything was taken

This happened even though Daniel had notified the FDA that he was opening the website as a Private Membership Health Club and his notarized letter gave them a couple of weeks to object. This is perfectly legal, so the FDA is going to have a hard time using that against him. Their lawyers couldn’t find any reason or laws to keep him from opening, so they said nothing.

- Now they are accusing him of smuggling, which has nothing to do with his business

Trumped-up Criminal Charges
They had to put a crime in there because they had already acquiesced to the idea the he was opening a membership health club site. Otherwise they could not have gotten a court order to search his place. But what can they really do legally?

- There is no law against selling MMS
- Anyone in that private membership health club had the right to use MMS in any way they want

The FDA then wrote a series of lies describing MMS falsely, saying it is 28% sodium chlorite, an industrial bleach. They fail to mention that an MMS dose is only 3 drops in a glass of water which is over 1,000 times weaker than industrial bleach. Lying by “failing to mention” is just as bad as any other kind of lie. And, of course, they are wrong about the 28% sodium chlorite since it is 22.4%. Not a great difference, but it points out that they care not whether they get the facts right because they think the public will believe anything they say.

I hope you see what is transpiring at this time.
- There is no law against selling MMS or talking about it in a private health club;
- There is no evidence of harm from people taking MMS by mouth;
- The FDA has nothing to quote because nothing harmful has happened.

While 1.5 million people worldwide died last year after taking a doctor-prescribed drug, no-one died, or even had any adverse effects, from MMS – with the exception of some simple Herxheimer reactions (such as nausea or fatigue) which went away in a couple of hours and are the result of overdosing.

Since the FDA can find no real problems, they are trumping up criminal charges against Daniel. They have every intention of putting both Daniel and his wife in prison as a deterrent to others. They will do their best to railroad them. This, they think, will prevent others from selling MMS since everyone will know that the FDA is going to trump up false charges against anyone selling MMS.

Government Corruption to Stop an Effective Treatment
There is one point concerning MMS that all people seem to agree on, including government agencies, universities, scientists, chemists, biologists, and even MMS critics.

- They all admit to the fact that MMS kills 98% of all known disease pathogens and viruses

There are plenty of scientific papers on the internet giving this data – just Google “chlorine dioxide,” or read FDA 21CFR173.300. Put that number into the Google search box and it will come up, or you can Google “FDA chlorine dioxide” and you will get plenty of evidence that it kills almost all known diseases.

All I did was put it in the human body, and it worked. It saved lives and suffering from the very first day I used it in the jungle. And now most of the world’s governments want to stop it. They don’t care if we have a million anecdotal cases of cures. It is reducing the income of the drug companies. And of course, government officials are then frightened by the prospect that their payola might not continue. I have mentioned before that money trails have a life of their own. They are the most powerful thing on this planet. Anyone who interferes with them will be attacked and even killed. But Earth needs this life saver, MMS. We cannot allow the money trails to rule.

A Similar Attack in London
There was another attack that you should know about. Derek Ellis in London was attacked by the Trading Standards government agency last November. They forced their way past his wife, while he was not home, and took his computer and inventory. Based on one “complaint” that they had not even verified, they destroyed his ability to support his family. They have accused him of criminal activity – yet Derek does the same thing as many other companies that sell the same chemical products to NHS (National Health Service) hospitals in England. You can read this website for the details. He is asking for help from the public throughout the world to help prevent this kind of action.
Strategy in Naming MMS
Let me tell you a secret that I mentioned in my book. I haven't mentioned it anywhere else and the book is just now available. When I was looking for a name for MMS, I realized that MMS would be attacked and I would be attacked by the FDA. There are thousands of alternate medicines out there but who does the FDA choose to attack? This may surprise you if you haven’t thought about it:

- They attack the alternative cures that work.

They win because they use fear and they have their own law court. To get any justice, you must take your fight to the next level above their court. You can’t win in their court, and it costs you thousands of dollars just to lose so you can go to the next level up.

I knew that this world is run by brilliant university-educated people such as those who run the FDA. So I picked a name that would turn brilliant university-educated people off. A name that smacked of “Snake Oil.” A name that would make brilliant educated people really believe that MMS is a fake. MMS originally stood for Miracle Mineral Supplement and thousands believed in it while thousands more thought, and still think, it is a fake. Those who disbelieved said anything with that kind of name had to be a fake, and those who believed said it was a name from an inventor.

When my critics started calling me “Snake Oil Humble” I knew I had arrived. But I also knew I had a few more years before the government agencies began attacking. That is what really allowed MMS to be spread throughout the world. It is available in probably 80 countries right now and as of this date, July 2011, we have 230 Ministers in 58 countries. More than 5 million people had used MMS up to January of 2010. Our ministers heal for free.

I am sure you know that the reason we changed the name to Master Mineral Solution last year is that there is no point in continuing to make it look like “Snake Oil” now that all the government agencies are aware of it and know what it can do. We may as well give it a good name. Although the critics did their best to hurt MMS and Jim Humble with their lies, all they did, sadly, was prevent a number of suffering and dying people from using MMS. However, to our advantage, they were instrumental in keeping MMS out of the radar of government agencies. They wrote much literature convincing people that MMS was a fraud and fake, which was exactly what the government agencies wanted to hear. Thus we were left alone for more than 10 years.

FDA Contradicts Government Research
Chlorine dioxide is selective for the things it kills and that is the reason it kills pathogens and doesn’t harm the body. Here is a quote by the US Gov EPA.

- 4.1 Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry: Chlorine dioxide functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its unique, one-electron transfer mechanism where it is reduced to chlorite (ClO2) (Hoehn et al, 1996).

And then,
- “. . . chlorine dioxide reacts readily with amino acids cysteine, tryptophan, and tyrosine, but not with viral ribonucleic acid (RNA).” (of the body)

There are thousands of companies listed on the internet that use chlorine dioxide (MMS) because it is selective. Just google “chlorine dioxide selective,” and you will have plenty of data.

Back in 1982, the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC conducted an extended double blind clinical trial to determine whether there is any risk in taking chlorine dioxide over a period of time. They also tested the chemicals sodium chlorite and sodium chlorate at the same time. The tests were conducted with humans and not with rats, so one does not have to extrapolate to show that rats can equal humans. The tests showed that no adverse conditions resulted in human bodies over a period of six months. In one 6-month phase of the tests, the dosages were the same as MMS doses . Here is the link to the report. Read it for yourself and decide.

The final argument has been that MMS will leave dangerous chemicals behind, but that is not so. Please check my data with a good chemist. Chlorine dioxide (MMS) deteriorates into sodium chlorite, sodium chlorate and table salt (sodium chloride). With the exception of the table salt, they are gone from your body within two hours. Do you see? After several hours, nothing is left in your body from MMS except a tiny amount of salt. Of the thousands of medical drugs, 90% of them leave poisons in your body.

So the FDA has decided that they should take MMS away from the people. Last time, several months ago, they tried to get Daniel to destroy everything in his shop while they watched. Can you imagine the arrogance of such people? If they can get you to do it, no court will say they are wrong. The FDA had banked on frightening Daniel into doing it. Except for one thing:

- Daniel refused to do it and the FDA had to back down.
Well, there will be more to come.

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