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Atom Bergstrom on chakras:

They’re not pinwheels.
There’s 2 chakra systems. The sperm has one. The ovum, the other.
Kundalini force is the business of the sperm.
Cosmodyne energy is the business of the ovum.
The sperm and the ovum are Mr. & Mrs. God — Yin and Yang, Moon and Sun.
The sperm is the Moon. The Ovum is the Sun. (Surprised?)
The sperm accelerated to become the SPINE.
The sperm’s swimming action is called “kundalini.”
The ovum accelerated to become the SKULL.
The skull is a cavity resonance chamber responsible for ”cosmodyne energy.” (Think Crystal Skull.)
The place where they mated is called the medulla oblongata, the skull-spine juncture, the Yes No Maybe Sweet Spot.
A sniper’s “sweet spot” is the “apricot.” The motor senses are cut off immediately, so a victim cannot cry out.
(Yes, eating an apricot for breakfast is an elixir for the medulla oblongata — and its respiratory and cardiac control functions.)
The medulla oblongata is the only “instant” and “timeless” part of the brain.
Snipers target it for an NRK — No Reaction Kill.
What are the sperm and ovum composed of? …
The “144 elements” of the Periodic Table of the Elements — arranged in 7 levels.
Hydrogen (desire) rules the 7th Chakra, Period 1.
This is the domain of the Ascended Master.
Carl Jung dismissed this level as being “without practical level for us.”
Oxygen (consciousness), Nitrogen (will), Carbon (longevity), and Fluorine rule the 6th Chakra, Period 2.
This is the domain (and terrain) of the Manifest (Descended) Master, the level of Consciousness acting on Consciousness, Mind on Mind, Thought on Thought, the ultimate Placebo level of existence – and the self-governing dominion Swami Nitty-Gritty (Adano Ley) operated from.
In Tucson, Arizona, Adano said …
“I stayed in delta for 15 minutes, and became a Swami.
“I stayed in delta for an hour, and became a Paramahansa.
“I stayed in delta for 2 hours, and became a Siddhi.
“I stayed in delta for 12 hours, and became an Ascended Master, and went away to a faraway sterile corner of the Universe.
“But I looked back at the Earth as a tiny blue ball, and I realized, ‘If all is One, I left myself behind.’
“So I returned to Earth as a Descended Manifested Master, and here I AM, sitting in this chair, a liberated being, talking to myself as unliberated beings [pointing to us, his audience], and watching the whole thing as an Unidentified Principle.”
The APPLE is a symbol of both the sperm’s kundalini force and the ovum’s cosmodyne energy.
The core of the apple represents kundalini, Magnetic Flow.
The skin of the apple represents cosmodyne energy, Life Flow.
Magnetic Flow is finite, counterclockwise, and draws its power from the body.
Life Flow is infinite, clockwise, and draws it’s power from the environment – it phase-locks to the environmental field.
Magnetic Flow links to the spine, nerves, and “gray matter” of the brain.
Life Flow links to the skin, blood, and “white matter” of the brain.
The odd-numbered elements of the Period Table relate to the sperm, and are MALE.
The even-numbered elements relate to the ovum, and are FEMALE.
The even-numbered elements are far more stable. (Verify this at Wikipedia’s “List of elements by stability of isotopes.”)
XY is the odd-numbered MALE chromosome, and XX is the more stable even-numbered FEMALE chromosome.
It’s the Odd Fellows Lodge.
If there was a women’s version, it would be the Even Ladies Lodge.
In astrology, the odd-numbered signs are MALE, and the even-numbered ones are FEMALE.
In the I Ching, the odd-numbered hexagrams are MALE, and the even-numbered ones are FEMALE.
When a man and a woman use the TV’s remote control, guess who does the most channel surfing?
Moses’ rod is a symbol of Life Flow.
Moses parted the Red Sea with it.
Aaron’s rod is also a symbol of Life Flow.
Pharaoh’s sorcerers cast down their rods to become serpents (kundalini), but Aaron’s rod-serpent ate them all.
The woman who “touched” the hem of Jesus’ garment was healed by Magnetic Flow.
All other healings of Jesus were done using Life Flow.
Adano Ley said, “Magnetic flow leaves you vulnerable. Neutral flow is collective integration. Life flow is superior to all. The life is in the blood.”
The Tibetan STUPA is a symbol of the first 5 TATTVAS.
The 5 Tattvas correspond with the first 5 Chakras and the 5 Zones of Reflexology (Zone Therapy).
The 5 Element Law is its Chinese equivalent (with Metal and Wood reversed, as any student of the I Ching would know).
The 5 Elements are …
EARTH — Bhumi, Muladhara Chakra, coccygeal plexus.
WATER — Jala, Svadhishtana Chakra, sacral plexus.
FIRE — Agni, Manipura Chakra, lumbar plexus.
AIR — Vayu, Anahata Chakra, thoraccic plexus.
ETHER — Akasha, Vishudda Chakra, cervical plexus.
Adano Ley (the Kit Carson of the Aquarian Age) designated these 5 accelerations as …
The Puppet — physical body, precipitate body, crystalline body, mob consciousness, Matter acting on Matter.
The Clown — astral body, emotional body, ionic body, electrical body, liquid body, hydraulic body, subconsciousness, Energy acting on Matter.
The Joker — mental body, auric body, magnetic body, thermal body, metabolic body, consciousness, Consciousness acting on Matter.
The Loser — causal body, environmental body, environmental field, gaseous body, pneumatic body, superconsciousness, cosmic consciousness, Energy acting on Energy.
The Dealer — etheric body, akashic body, sonic body, “now” consciousness, imminent consciousness, Consciousness acting on Energy.
The 5 Tattvas are subservient to the Ajna command center, and all 6 are spermal reflexes to the actual Cosmic Egg — the ovum’s endocrine accelerations.
Carl Jung labeled the first 6 Chakras thusly …
Collective Unconsciousness
Personal Unconsciousness
Personal Consciousness
Suprapersonal Consciousness
Self-Consciousness (why paranoia can be used as a “spiritual accelerator”)
Complete Consciousness

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440Hz vs 432Hz music samples

David Icke forum:
432 Hz is likely more favourable for the chakras too. 440 Hz seems to work at the third eye chakra, "the thinking", while 432 Hz seems to work at the heart chakra, "the feeling". Listening to music in 432 Hz therefore could have a good influence at the spiritual development of the music lover.

The Geometry of 432hz Frequency

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Re: Chakras

The Deeper Meaning Of The Lower Astral Energies
There are Astral forces at play in the manifest world that are almost invisible to the eye of the modern person. What hides from us is the role the Lower Astral spirit world has upon human activity, and personal development. Despite the desire of most humans to live a good and comfortable life there exist various forces in our world that thrive on destruction and the abuse or sacrifice innocent life force. In this article we will step out of the sanitized cultural worldview of the Western world and into the shamanic perspective. In the shamanic reality commerce with spirits for the good of the community is their job description and one unenvied by normal people. It is only when we are impacted by the spirit world either directly through our own perception, or through actions that are visited upon us with a sinister agenda, that we may give attention to shamanic reality. Coming to terms with the deeper meaning of how the Lower Astral affects is is addressed in this chapter.
follow link to read the rest

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