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Bosnian Pyramids

The "recently" discovered pyramids in Bosnia are very interesting. Not only is the biggest one 1/3 larger than the largest Egyptian Pyramid at Giza, but their currently estimated construction time is about 40,000 years before the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids.

Here's the best video I found on the subject so far:
Bosnian Pyramids - New Evidence 2010; it is 15:00 minutes long. DvDmtvb_WQU

The link is not working for some reason, but just search for "Bosnian Pyramids - New Evidence 2010" on YouTube.
This video is very informative, however; you will find hundreds of videos about it on YouTube.

Also, you can find out more at the official site: (However, you can't connect unless you let the site connect to you...i.e. no peer blocking program running...that always bugs me emoticon

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