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drinking alcoholic beverages

- Alcohol turns a man into a child or woman... Men with a buzz think, feel, and act like women and children might when they are sober. This has to do with a man's natural evolution of cerebrality [probably not a word; word check says no; i say "Who !@#$ cares?"LOL I'm buzzed]. Men 'on a buzz' can relate better to women. The cerebral specialization of men makes them prone to falling into a well of logic that alienates them from both their humanity and other folk [like women and children]. Drinking alcoholic beverages brings men into contact with other experiences of consciousness and appreciation of those who don't experience life through the cerebral lens typical of men.

- The Sat-Guru Avatar Adi Da Samraj would periodically have His (beginning) disciples enjoy drugs and alcohol to let them experience life void of the cerebral constraints their culture and conditioning puts on them.

- Alcohol helped save me from a burnout; having said that, i was not drinking "beer" but made my own concoctions using ingredients like honey WITHOUT hops; hops is the most estrogenic herb to be found in nature and it will kill libido, which is not just about sexuality but about testosterone production, i.e. about a will to live and succeed. Adrenal fatigue leads to depression and undermines a will to live; certain herbs and happiness can help relieve it over time.

- There is neither benefit nor profit from drinking MORE; drink for a buzz and end there. It'll last an hour or two. That's enough to get you through the day. It will help deliver you from the depression of having NO 'happy hours' at all.

- Arabs should be drinking, !@#$, and laughing more,, as just one example of a people !@#$ up their experience of life through Calvinistic philosophies [my son's mother is Arab; i know what i'm talking about]. If they'd have a beer once in a while [i don't recommend having "beer"], they would have a less dogmatic and fundamentalist look on life and generally not be so uptight. Yeah, i said it.

- Alcohol is not necessarily bad for the liver; an intelligent researcher and philosopher i recommend, Daniel Vitalis, suggests alcohol from real products like mead is actually beneficial to the liver. Wow; blows your mind, right?

- Alcohol does not kill brain cells; see link; it's a myth. 'nuff said.

- If you abuse any substance, you will be fucked; did the substance kill you? No; the abuse killed you. You know, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people", and all that jazz.

- I imagine there must be more men like me who don't like drinking tea. I get my teas by mixing them with honey and leaving them to sit for a few months... In this way i get the benefits that (herbal) tea drinking women enjoy.

- I admit; i can't get drunk; i just get sick. So my opinions and experiences are biased in that way.

- Cultures around the world have dealt with alcohol in many ways. In ancient Persia,, a matter was deemed thoroughly considered after it had been discussed sober and drunk [i.e. buzzed].

- ALL long-lived cultures have been based on consuming fermented foods... Alcoholic beverages are just one very popular form of this.

- It is said the pyramids were build on 'ale' and onions.

- The Aztec, Mayan, and Inca cultures were based on the production of maize and fermented maize products like tesguino and chicha.

- The documentary How Beer Saved the World says it all...

- The 1516 'Beer Purity Act' turned "ale" into "beer" and changed the way Europe was drinking fermented beverages to this day. A healthy and invigorating product was turned into one that destroys vitality and promotes lethargy, lack of libido, and a slave mentality. The German Beer Purity Act was 'initially' strongly opposed and it took 200 years to push through but the authoritative demand for weak subjects is so strong that they kept pushing for this. Slaves need to be weak-spirited, docile, and lethargic; beer is a popular way to attain this end. This is why "beer" is now the way 99% of folks drink alcoholic beverages [excepting wine] and why healthy drinks like "ale" [i.e. without hops] are virtually unheard of in mainstream circles.

- In our sexually frustrated [Calvinistic] cultures, beer is a popular [albeit subconscious] way to frustrate the male urge to !@#$. Libido is seriously impaired by drinking beer but in a culture that frustrates the ability of men to !@#$, this is a kind of blessing, for what use is it to have the natural urge to !@#$ but fail miserably almost every day?
The bonobo ape is man's closest relative in nature and they !@#$ many times each and every day; most people have never heard of the bonobo and rather focus on the chimpanzee, a similar species that is authoritarian and violent instead...
When human NATURE is so seriously undermined by modern CULTURES, having one's urges suppressed relieves one of nature's demands. Unfortunately, a lack of libido goes hand-in-hand with a lack of 'joie de vive', which is a part of the slave mentality (that authoritarian elites require to remain in power).
If you're suffering from erectile dysfunction or a lack of libido, it's not alcohol (or anything else) that is your enemy, it is drinking estrogenic substances like hops-brews and fluids in plastic bottles. Ironically, if you were to make a brew with products that heal libido [like chamomile, beets, or nettle root], drinking alcoholic beverages [especially mead] is a sure-fire route to relief.

- have your brew on an empty stomach. That way it only takes 1/2 to 1 liter [depending on alcohol content] to achieve a proper buzz. If you drink more, you'll probably be overtaxing your liver [your body has to deal with all the alcohol you ingest] and it's also just a plain waste of brew.

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