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possibly most so-called aliens are from Earth

I posted in an article called Aliens and Occam's Razor, long ago, that people lose track of Earth's history when talking about "aliens"; since we've only been on this planet what amounts to a snap of one's fingers compared to 4 days (of silence), it's kinda presumptuous and irrational to assume so much about our Earth's past. We know next to nothing of our own deep seas even in this era, let alone about our very own planet in times long past, yet people are so quick to talk about aliens from other planets to explain away mysteries. Why look to the skies when our very own planet is utterly full of mysteries already?

In the end Arthur C Clarke did make a strong argument against space travel altogether. Add to that the fact that our planet ISN'T colonized from space after 4 billion years and his arguments gain a lot of credit.

The scientific (but politically incorrect) data that suggests massive destruction every 11,500 years due to magnetic reversals that end up with the planet starting to spin in the other direction, suggests that past civilizations on and of Earth might well have been destroyed. Hey, and then there are the landing strips in the Andes... Aliens? Why? Why not simply previous Earthen civilizations? Oh, yeah, i remember: because we BELIEVE that mankind virtually popped into existence out of thin air a few thousand years ago...
Oops. My bad.

The Ancient Aliens series suggests that there's proof, no less, that extraterrestials visited the Earth in the past. It just makes no sense. Why? Why now? Why come but then go? It just makes no sense whatsoever.
What could make perfect sense is that a previous high civilization had developed right here on Earth by forefathers of ours who had underestimated the cosmological cataclysms just as mankind is doing right now. They got their asses wiped out and now they're "aliens from outer space"; i wonder if any of them are immortal and still around to laugh those same asses off at our senseless imaginings.

In the end the only proof there is of aliens seems to come from visits from aliens that used transportation that's not unlike what we're using ourselves. With some effort we ourselves could be visiting other planets in our solar system [voices speak of it happening anyway] and the hollow earth theory suggests that not only are all spherical bodies hollow but also inhabitable, hence that we AREN'T alone in the solar system (let alone in the galaxy, forget the universe).
The big thing that hollow earth theory also teaches, however, is that beings from the inside of planets would hate the surface for many reasons. Hence the reason why we're alone. To them we're like camels roaming uninhabitable deserts and we're welcome to our desert/surface world. Civilized people live inside... the planet, that is.

Though people like Billy Meyer strongly suggest that we are being visited by alien civilizations, albeit human ones, these stories also suggest beings who have more to do than bother us. If anything, their existence might be explained in stories of "angels" visiting. In the end it seems like the ones who are able to 'jump' between time and space between solar systems are so sophisticated as a matter of course that they would unlikely ever pose a threat. Not so with other-dimensional beings, like the ones David Icke is talking about.

The universe is about life, intelligence at all levels, at all kinds of levels of sophistication, intelligence, and empathy. THEY are everywhere, in all forms, not only all around us but likely in the same space we occupy but at different vibratory dimensions. Just about every religion on Earth deals with beings from other dimensions but we dismiss all of our history, as relatively young as it is, and talk about extraterrestials.
Savior authorities and demons... I guess it's one way of not having to think about your own planet and plane of existence.

We are a very very young civilization. Hell, we've only been what one might call a high civilization for about 50 years. What's 50 years on the cosmic scale? A fraction of a hiccup, that's what. We are the bacteria on the back of a flea, with comparative lifespan, and talk about the cosmos as if we can. That makes us more than ignorant, for which the bacteria can be forgiven, it makes us stupid. I mean: "stupid bacteria", in the sense that you at least might aspire to being an intelligent form of bacteria and not talk about extraterrestials to explain away all you don't understand.

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