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The Alien/Illuminati Agenda

Every time you see the news and hear about death and destruction, lawlessness, mayhem, and sin,, there are 2 things you should keep in mind. One is you are hearing about things that go wrong all the time for a very distinct reason. The Powers That Be want you to hear about bad things. It keeps you powerless as you focus on that which cripples instead of giving attention to worthwhile pursuits, it brings you down a bit every time you hear of bad things which is meant to support a general state of depression in the population, and it sends the message that life is a !@#$ and other people suck i.e. a continuation of the myth of original sin: man is inherently bad.
The second thing to keep in mind when seeing the news is that almost all of the evil in the world is the result of plans of aliens and Illuminati to keep mankind weak, divided, ignorant, poor, sick, and generally in a state that makes them easy to deal with. Part of this is that the Illuminati's main goal is to lower population levels on the planet in any way they can. This is why Africa was never allowed to develop and why it's ravaged by AIDS, poverty, and conflict. The news about children dying in Africa is never going to end because it is the result of specific plans to keep the population levels there (and elsewhere) down. Fighting overpopulation of the planet is a key objective of the Illuminati and the reason healthcare remains impotent, wars never end, and life becomes ever more terrifying and uncertain. Human nature doesn't come into it.
Watching the news is essentially pointless from the view of getting informed and actually detrimental to a sense of truth and reality and you should therefore not waste your time with it. When you see unfairness and misery on TV your human response is to be outraged or depressed. But what are you outraged at or depressed about? Misplaced negativity does not serve you and as long as the masses are misinformed the only things that will change will be the shades of illusion brought to you by The Powers That Be. Politicians create mad laws, for instance, condemning things that are human to do [thinking of drinking alcohol or having sex], but instead of being outraged at insane laws we are outraged at the innocents that 'commit' the crimes politicians created out of thin air with no other intent than to create criminals. Unless you know what's going on you should not watch the news and once you know what's going on the news becomes completely boring.
If you want to get informed there are sources that can still be reached, among them a number of books you should really have read before you think you're intitled to an educated opinion.

At some point you may have stopped thinking "There must be a reason why". This is the ultimate goal of disinformation. It is specifically the goal of The Powers That Be that your mind takes the leap to the next step, that the reason why everything is going wrong is simply because life's a !@#$. This is the ultimate disempowering tool power mongers use. As long as you believe and live the lie that there's nothing you can do because there's nothing anybody can do, the people in the know are not only free to do whatever they please but because most people are doing nothing other than surviving, the power mongering efforts are a thousand times more potent than they'd be if they had to compete with billions of people actually trying to make a difference in their own lives and in the world.
The Powers That Be have a vested interest in you believing that life is inherently bad and (/because) people are inherently evil. And everything they do to bring mankind down actually further serves to achieve this purpose as we're all stuck in a negative spiral of evil and destruction. The law of the self-fulfilling prophecy applies. If you believe in evil you will see it everywhere around you and actually create it even if it was first absent. In this way you support the power monger's agenda small scale. The power mongers make war out of thin air but then citizens actually go and vote for war mongers because they feel threatened. But why do they feel threatened? Because of the war that was ordered for no other reason than people to feel threatened. This is how G.W. Bush got reelected. The American people actually supported this very unpopular president after he started a war that the people assumed DID NOT come out of thin air. They assume such things because they are unaware of the political agendas in play.

The aliens need mankind ignorant for how does one keep an informed slave in check? In order to keep mankind ignorant he must be kept busy with all kinds of distractions and just plain survival. Therefore, mankind cannot be allowed to become affluent. Imagine billions of people with spare time to look into all kinds of truths. They would make all kinds of inventions and solve all kinds of riddles. Anti-gravity, free energy, free water, freedom from disease, and even immortality (considering the aliens Sitchin describes are themselves near immortal the concept doesn't seem so far-fetched anymore) could quickly become reality. As a matter of fact, it's already a problem that so many things are being discovered as it is. The few people who make truly interesting discoveries, however, are bogged down in legalities, bought out, threatened, incapacitated, killed, or all of the above. Many inventions are successfully being suppressed because all scholing and therefore all people with (power-based) authority (including the state-certified doctors) are only allowed to learn, apply, and pass on information that serves the alien/Illuminati agenda and any science that isn't certified (by the 'authorities', The Powers That Be) gets marginalized. Wide-spread cancer, for instance, is being actively pursued by the aliens/Illuminati, followed by active suppression of any true breakthroughs in cancer research. Individuals who pursue the matter after having made a breakthrough discovery are attacked and marginalized, if doctors, their licences revoked. To finish it all off a great propaganda effort is made to convince everyone that the 'authorities' are doing all they can to cure cancer. Their actions, however, speak louder than their words. Serious efforts of all kind, especially those in the field of parasite/pathogen and pH management brought by people like Jim Humble and Robert Young, are only accessible by those who bypass the 'authorities' and find their own answers. The great masses, however, remain ignorant and subject to the plans to keep population down and preoccupied with their meagre lives.

The Illuminati may actually believe they are helping out mankind by their endeavours to curb overpopulation. To the immoral mind all means justify the end and the future of mankind is of course the ultimate end, justifying murder, torture, even genocide. 95% of the world's resources are in the hands of 1% of mankind. This is not the result of capitalism, it is the result of political and economic agendas to achieve that very end. So-called conspiracy theorists are debunked as fanatics and mentally unstable characters but the truth is that there is a global conspiracy and that if you are informed you become aware of these so-called conspiracy theories.
On the other hand there are those with a (literally) sick belief in authorities that most people adhere to because they're not only ignorant but suffering from the authoritarian trauma (that in turn serves to encourage ignorance). The Illuminati themselves also suffer from this disease for who would want world dominion other than emotionally starved and insecure figures? They are the perfect tools for the alien agenda to allow the depopulation of the planet when terrible but predictable natural disasters occur like the coming of Nibiru. When the planet is depopulated they see themselves as all-powerful rulers who will be allowed to repopulate according to their own sick vision of how a human society should be.

There is much to do for those members of the human race who wish to survive the coming cataclisms, natural or man-made (and alien-assisted), and help establish a healthy, free human life. Information and motivation are of utmost importance. The news, then, serves to disinform and kill motivation. There are books you need to read like Sitchin's The 12th Planet, Bramley's Gods of Eden, and Cooper's Behold a Pale Horse. They will offer you information you need to have in order to understand what you're up against. The more you put your faith in power-based authorities like politicians and doctors, the more you put your fate in the hands of people who believe that this is a dog-eat-dog world and you are on the menu. You will serve them, either by living as a slave or by dying. Either way, you're getting what you asked for. Perhaps, initially, you're getting what your parents asked for you but your parents lived in a different age. There's no excuse for your ignorance today. Your choosing to watch TV at night is no excuse for not reading a book or surfing the net for answers. If you die, if your children die, it is then the result of your (subconscious) desire to live at the behest of those in power, human or no. One wonders if in the end the Illuminati and aliens have the right idea in culling such from mankind's gene pool. You're either smart or healthy enough to see through the political machinations and work to survive or you do not. Perhaps there's some poetic evolutionary justice to it all: whether you deserve to live is then defined by what you believe, know, and live by. Ignorance then becomes very deadly indeed...

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