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Working out with weights [sources]

When i was 16 i started working out. I read Muscle and Fitness and FLEX religiously [i.e. front to back] for 2 years straight.

Based on my own experience and the theories [ever conflicting] presented in such magazines, there are 2 that stand out for me:
- Ed Coan's
- Peter Ragnar

Ed Coan basically said to never go 100%, actually something that some of the ancient 'strong men' also said. Coan suggests a 3 month schedule to be adhered to strictly, starting with:
- 2 weeks of high rep workouts to get body and muscles in shape
- 8 weeks of 8 rep exercises, worked out in detail in advance, incrementally going higher
- 2 weeks of 2-3 rep exercises, as much weight as possible

I've tried this. It's very satisfying, even though one hasn't pushed oneself at all, except in the last 2 weeks, but even then only for a few reps. It also gave me the greatest increase of strength i'd ever experienced in a 3 month period.

Ed Coan himself is impressive; he's a power lifter who's world best actually lay about 20% above what the nr 2 accomplished; in the world of competitive sports where wins are usually measured in micrograms or miliseconds, that's just outrageous.

Peter Ragnar impressed me with his ideas and person, but his books are outrageously priced, unfortunately.

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