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losing weight & health

Telomeres - Cap It All Off with Diet
In the above vid is explained how cutting out saturated fats is key to youthfulness and health.
Studies are shown that indicate that you can cut down on calories or exercise all you want, but only if saturated fats are cut out does that have any effect on telomere length, i.e. youthfulness.

The healthy diet that actually adds life to your cells:
- lots of fresh veggies and fruit
- no saturated fats
- no refined wheat and sugar
- probably as little as possible of caloric-rich foods like fats and animal proteins
- no fish

One interesting thing that comes out of the above studies is that fish oils are considered very bad. It actually shouldn't surprise anyone since they are oils that are meant to be liquid at very cold temperatures, therefore they go bad very quickly when exposed to the warm temperatures inside our body, even when consumed raw.

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