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the evolution of (post) 2012 seriousness

There's the famous 'frog in boiling water' analogy:
Put a frog in cold water and slowly heat it up and it will stay in the water until it passes out and dies; throw the frog in hot water and it will jump out and live.

The analogy is usually applied to situations that develop over time yet when compared to the past can be considered 'hot water'; the issue of so-called earth changes is a good example; if someone in 1990 were suddenly faced with the volcanic and climatic reality of the planet in 2011, such a person would freak out. They'd be truly alarmed and posed for action.
People living in 2011, however, have slowly gotten used to ever more volcanic activity, ever more natural disasters, and ever more hurricanes,, just as a few examples. They are complacent where they might not be if they took time as a serious consideration.

The frog-in-boiling-water analogy can also be viewed in the opposite manner, i.e someone who DOES take the view of things in relation to time is viewed by most as being an alarmist or overreacting.
There's another aspect of this that applies to any specialist, someone who consistently works from 'the big picture'. It is the difference, even, between someone who considers the big picture for a moment and someone who has been working with the big picture for an extended period of time.

As i've been contemplating the logical, factual, and sensical ramifications of 2012, i've been coming up with notions and understanding that is simply a logical extension of taking 2012 seriously at all. It is organic. We all know the saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" and the same applies to a mature and more complete view of 2012; i've come into considerations about location, destruction, and the future of mankind that i never could have imagined having a few years ago. One by one, however, the logic of further analysis suggests certain insights and ideas and a body of thought emerges. In truth, it's also a body of emotional growth, for the more i'm thinking from the details of 2012, the more i become comfortable with dealing with them and also with taking even more detailed considerations seriously.

In the end it might appear to someone just beginning with 2012 considerations that i'm either a genius or insane. The truth is that it's neither. It's simply 'way out there'; it's neither difficult or strange to be 'way out here', it's just where consistent 2012 considerations take one.

To be taken aback by the reality of 2012 is therefore unnecessary and even foolish. Any teenager standing at the beginning of a university education might feel the same way, the musings and lives of those who've finished the road seeming either mystifying or crazy. The solution? Don't dwell on what you DON'T know or understand and focus on what the people who've gone before you suggest that you might, could, or should do, i.e. considering 2012 suggestions, options, and advice.

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