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media contact

SHTFblog sent an email newsletter informing the following:

Sue Salinger here. I’m working on a short-term assignment for a national cable channel. They’re looking to do a show on Preppers — and they’ll pay $1,000.00 to finalists in the casting process (they’re paying to compensate people for their time). The show works like this:
You’re prepped and ready for ….. something. You tell the show prep-expert what you’re ready for, and show him what you’ve got put by. He’ll evaluate, and see if you’ve out-thought the experts. (most common: you’re ready with a bug-out, plenty of food, but you forgot about medicines you’ll be needing….like that).
We know it’s counter-intuitive to ask a prepper to go on television, so this isn’t the right opportunity for everyone. While the show can keep participant’s locations secret, faces and voices will be seen.
Best regards, Sue

I sent here this email:
SHTFblog informs me that you're inquiring into people who are preparing for a 2012 apocalyptic scenario.
I'd like to share with you my take on the matter; perhaps you can point me in the direction of any others who share my views.
Science, commen sense, and logic suggests that 2012 is about the following:
1: we've been working with the Gregorian calender for hundreds of years; it's based on Aztec and Mayan finds that the Pope (at the time) told Gregorius to work into a new calender system, i.e. we've been on 'Mayan time' for centuries and this points to the 2012 catastrophy; the date is, therefore, anything but random.
2: Paul LaViolette's independent research [see Earth Under Fire book or documentary] points to cosmological destruction taking place every 26,000 years, and half thereof i.e. 13,000 years. Great explosions at the galactic center (that happen in all galaxies) send mega waves of ionized particles our way, effecting the electric universe [see McCanney's research] in major ways.
3. Our planet and solar system rotate within the galaxy while the galaxy itself rotates as well; hence, we experience the 26,000 year cycle as 23,000 years/a 23,000 year cycle (and half of that as an 11,500 year cycle).
4: independent researchers [Robert Felix: Not By Fire But By Ice, Patrick Geryl, and Ivan Stein] tell of cycles of destruction, based on Sun, ice ages, and magnetic pole shifts,, that point to an 11,500 year cycle of destruction. Ice ages start, worsen, or end in accordance with cycles of 360, 11500, and 105,000 [4 x 26,000] years. Magnetic pole shifts take place every 11,500 years. Sun spot cycles point to the end of a cycle in 2012, as well. All of these cycles are just aspects of the cycle of galactic core explosions effecting all systems in the galaxy.
5: Patrick Geryl and Ivan Stein suggest that the archaeological record and ancient accounts of civilizations around the world point to reversals of the rotation of the planet. Apparently, the Sun came up in the West not too long ago and it will start coming up in the West again in 2012.
Robert Felix explains that scientific research into ancient lava flows point to magnetic reversals taking place in less than a month; ancient records of various civilizations point to it actually taking 3 days to happen.
6: The reversal of the rotation of the planet will result in a general reboot of civilization. Mankind started in the stone age AGAIN 12,000 years ago because of the previous destruction. Our genes necessarily go back millions of years [unless you're a creationist] and our short history can only be explained by frequent great destructions that wiped out the civilizations that produced such constructs as the pyramids and Puma Punku, the only structures that survived the effects of the planet reversing rotation at all.
7: When the planet stops spinning and starts spinning in the opposite direction,, mega tsunamis, storms, and earthquakes will occur. Most of mankind will be killed, the 10% who aren't wiped out by mega tsunamis will face possibly 2000mph winds and earthquakes that rock every structure on the planet. Even underground structures won't suffice and only strategically located and extremely strong bunkers could withstand debris carried along by mega winds. 99% of civilization is located within the range of the mega tsunamis, i.e. resources, services, and factories. The other 1% of people with technological knowlege will be taken care of by the mega storms, mega earthquakes, and desperate survivors.
8: Survivors will be faced with perhaps millions of unprepared folk out to survive a time in which the Sun shines bleekly and possibly red [see Paul LaViolette's explanation of the Sun turning to a T-tauri state temporarily due to cosmic dust polluting the solar system]. Crops will fail, the next ice age will be upon the northern hemisphere, and bands of traumatized souls who'll likely revert to cannabalism will scavange what remains of civilization. Anybody caught on a continent will be raided by unprepared survivors out to survive until the next day. Maslow's pyramid suggests that no one will be friendly or civil until civilized life is again already a fact.
9: The next stone age is about to commence, but unlike the flint masters of 12,000 years ago, no one in our age even knows how to make a stone knife. Mankind is faced with ANOTHER reboot of civilization, likely to be again destroyed in 11,500 years when the next galactic superwave hits us. It took mankind millennia to recover from the last destructive cycle and until someone prepares to survive mega tsunamis, mega winds, and mega earthquakes with the knowledge it'll take to reboot civilization without having to go through the millennia it otherwise takes, we'll continue this cycle of destruction of mankind and civilization.
Now i ask you, have you found one single so-called prepper that's considering the above? TRUE preparation is not in building up a bunker with stores that can't be replenished afterwards (even if the bunker survives the mega storms, -tsunamis, and -earthquakes) and that'll likely get raided by insane mobs of dying survivors; that's utterly insufficient. REAL preparation has to do with knowing what you're up against first. The science is clear: you're up against the age-old mankind/civilization killer. It killed our ancestors' civilizations and it'll kill ours.
Who is busy with the following:
1: how to brew a raw ale, make cheese
2: ceramics
3: how to get and make aluminum [ore/processing]
4: how to get and make magnesium metal (from seawater/-minerals)
5: how to get and make cast iron [smelting]
6: how to make steel
7: basic chemistry and where to get/how to make elements/compounds
8: how to make compost
9: how to determine pH
10: how to make cloth/loom
11: make a compressor
12: make rubber
13: woodgas stove [for woodgas, for ovens]
14: make a furnace
15: make a turbine
16: hydraulic rampump
17: leather
18: cement (and concrete alternatives)
19: explosives [ANFO & black powder]
20: paper
21: organic plastic
22: glass
23: steam engine
24: lacquer/varnish
25: how to make magnets
26: resin
27: how to make a battery
28: how to make a light bulb
Such a person will be truly prepared. All the others are dreamers who are entertaining themselves with unsubstantiated guesses. Science, logic, and sense suggest what i've described above. Mankind's future generations need proper and appropriate preparations for a worst case scenario and i'm the only i've found after years of looking for like-minded spirits who's serious about even THINKING about this. Even Patrick Geryl isn't serious about the threat that starving millions present post-2012. He will likely survive 2012, as one of the few, and then get eaten alive by unprepared folk that he isn't preparing against. Our ancestors weren't stupid and must've built bunkers and underground facilities but mankind still had to start over from the stone age in our generation's own past. The destruction we face is apparently too severe for even so-called preppers to contemplate but until they do, they shouldn't be called preppers at all!
My own resources are limited and i'm not on location yet. My preparation on what actually needs to be prepared FOR, however, is uniquely complete.
The Secular Emissary of Eternal Destruction

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Re: SHTFblog - are YOU ready?

Sue sent me the following reply:

There do seem to be folks who share your view -- in our research I came across this person
who seems most in sync with your thoughts:
I don't know him, there's a lot of internet noise on him, but there you have it.

If you'd like to be part of a show on prep, let me know, we're still looking for folks.

I've just gone and visited your three links.
I wish this show would be willing to visit you on the Island. It sounds beautiful!

I sent her the following reply to the above:

i'd be very interested in sharing my views with the world 'by any means'. I'm working on a book/website/video combo but not only are my finances extremely limited, i also suffer from a lack of peaceful working conditions.
First of all thank you for sharing your suggestion of someone who might share my own level of seriousness about the 2012 issue.
Unfortunately, this Terral03 is another example of people considering the ELEnin/Nibiru threat. This is so 3 years ago for me! It's paradoxal, but though they seem serious compared to people just scoffing at 2012, in my eyes they are both ignorant of the science online and in books, as well as immature in their considerations otherwise.
My own approach unfortunately appears to be unique in it's scope, mainly for 3 reasons:
1: in order to reboot civilization, one must transcend the misdirection and disinformation mainstream culture offers through corporate media, government, and certified/state-sanctioned professionals. Very few even get this far and actually plan to approach post-2012 challenges with modern mainstream nonsense as it relates to health, history, science, politics, mankind, relationships, and spirituality. For instance, there's no scientific basis for germ theory and antibiotics/vaccines, yet some preppers actually speak of stockpiling antibiotics and such. Their lack of preparation, again, starts with a lack of proper research and understanding.
2: understanding of people/mankind and the sources of evil leads to knowing ones enemies, the true nature of the challenges we all face, both now and later. People are generally utterly self-deceived in this regard, with very childish attitudes towards the nature of both individuals and masses. This vulnerability is as unnecessary as their ignorance about other matters, but will likely lead to their destruction even if they manage to survive what 2012 will bring cosmologically speaking.
3: mankind must go back millions of years, genetically speaking, but even if we only go back 100,000 years, there is no excuse for believing our ancestors were too stupid or unwilling to prepare for their own '2012' (as the cosmological destruction comes by every 11,500 years). Our ancestors, people who constructed things that we ourselves aren't even able to copy [like the pyramids], were wiped out and thrown back into a stone age. To think that digging a hole or constructing a simple bunker will allow one to survive where an entire planet of ancestors failed, is simple and utter hubris.
I will either be preparing on my ultimate island location or starting off by building safe sites in Morocco and leaving for La Gomera after TSHTF, fleeing on safeguarded boats the continent with it's millions of starving survivors.
Everyone i've found after searching for years, either falls for the hubris of thinking little of the challenges we'll all face, or succumb to wishful thinking in relation to how other survivors will approach them post 2012.
I would be pleased to offer anyone my insights based on logic, common sense, and the science surrounding 2012. If you do happen across anyone who has a mature approach to 2012, i'm very interested in contact with such a person. If anyone is interested in hearing what i have to offer, they are welcome to it.

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followup contact

I received this message today:

"I know you replied to Sue Salinger's post for 2012 preparations. Might you be interested in sharing your views on the show? We are looking for someone to last at least 30 days of their supplies. I realize your plans are more long term and would certainly add interest to the program. Participants on the show will be paid."

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