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a "2012, Just In Case!" party

According to Patrick Geryl, the 21 Dec 2012 date is pretty precise and specific. Egyptian and Mayan texts talk about very specific star alignments which will only take place at that time again.

I'm thinking about attracting people to a safe location around the 21 Dec 2012 date, people that i CAN'T support for any extended period of time but i CAN supply food and accommodations to for a very limited time.

Imagine, inviting that chemist and electrician you wish you'd have with you post 2012 and having them be with you WTSHTF. They wouldn't be the kind of people who would choose to prepare, but when presented with the fact of TEOTWAWKI, they'd be convinced that partaking is worthwhile...
You can invite any kind of desirable people, even strangers who are just interested in free food, from specialists whose knowledge you feel is necessary to the girls they'll be interested in taking as wives after things settle down. Hey, even children can be an important complement to any group, as Michener suggests in his book Hawaii; otherwise the women suffer for there being none.

Obviously, rations for the people invited would need to be in place, but even if you only supply rice, canned sardines, and olive oil,, it's a lot more than the unprepared folk will be enjoying.

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