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Tapping: shortcut to disengaging negative conditioning

Margaret Lynch walks you through a tapping session here to lessen conditioned stress towards money, stress that most of us get 'downloaded' into us as children.

I tried it myself and it was interesting indeed.
I first heard of tapping through Bruce Lipton and have been receiving tapping newsletter emails for months now. Today for the first time, i actually read one:

"Can you see radio waves?
I can’t.
How about cell phone signals?
Not on my end.
Infrared light?
So we’re on the same page there. emoticon
How about chakras?
You know, the energy centers in our body
that Eastern traditions have explored for
thousands of years...
You can’t seem them?
Me neither!

So that might lead you to say, if you can’t
see them, how do we know they exist?
How do we know they actually influence
our lives?
Well, we can’t see radio waves, cell
phone signals and infrared light, but
we know they’re there, from the effects
they have, their “output” in a sense.

From personal experience, all the
work I’ve done around exploring the
chakras, the energy within each one,
and the implications for our lives has
been simply astounding- I’ve been
able to feel their “output” and its
effect on my life.

Something just “clicks” when you hear
about the chakras from a great teacher.
I had the same “click” experience after
watching a great video from my friend
and tapping expert Margaret Lynch where
she explores the 1st Chakra and our
issues around money and wealth.

This video is good.
Like, really, really, really, chock full of
content and a-ha moments good.
Watch it now

Beyond the explanation and exploration
of the 1st chakra, you’ll learn about
a powerful case study of someone who
broke through their money barriers
AND you’ll tap along with Margaret
to clear yours!

Margaret M.Lynch The Secret of Intentional Wealth

Chakra 1 Vow

Heart Chakra Vow

the Money Shadow

These vids will only be online for a limited number of days. I downloaded them and will try to upload at my channel asap.

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