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Aphrodisiac EOs
ylang ylang

Anethole (chemical)
Largely responsible for distinctive licorice flavor and found in Anise seed, Star Anise, Licorice, Tarragon and Basil
found that the smell of black licorice increased the blood flow to the penis by 13 percent.
Interesting fact about licorice, minimizes cortisol (abundance linked to HUGE problems in body) including lowering testosterone.

Anise – (Erector Set Tea & Sultans Paste) slight narcotic effect, stimulant to vascular system, relaxing to CNS anti spasmodic

relaxant & improves circulation
Especially powerful for women
In Sultan’s Paste
Chewing on Anise seeds used by Greeks and Romans to increase desire. Seems to exert testosterone effect.

Cardamon – EST & SP
stimulating, aphrodisiac qualities, anti-spasmodic
in ginger family but cardamom is a seed, not root
relaxant - Cardamon believed to cure sexual incompetence.
Cherished in India, Arabic cultures and Chinese. Often added to coffee and curries.
Aphrodisiac response likely due to high content of cineole. Cineole is a central nervous stimulant. Used in many cultures for impotence - measurable blood flow increase to genitals when applied transdermally (not on genitals)
Seems to boost confidence.

CELERY, Sultan’s Paste
Benefits kidneys, adrenals, gallstones, heart disease, digestion, cholesterol and acts as a calcium channel blocker.
Many of the same chemicals found in Carrot seed and Celery Seed both found in SP
Also high Cineole content and mentioned in the book Arabian Nights for not only treating impotence and fertility.
Related to Angelica
Celery is believed to contain a pheromone released in sweat.
It is also protects the liver and is recommended for men who use steroids to protect…. Compound apigenin is also a blood vessel dilator.
More apigenin in seeds than in stalks and root, but all parts of celery are good.

Cinnamon EST & SP
ANTI: depressant, spasmodic sexual stimulant & warming.
Sultan's Paste
Main chemicals = eugenol, safrole, pinene).
relaxant yet sexual stimulant - Cinnamon Essential Oil helps to arouse sexual desires and lifts the mood. It is a powerful physical and emotional stimulant that aids in blood circulation.

Cinnamomum cassia - oxytocin

The smell of hot cinnamon buns generated the most blood flow, next was lavender & nutmeg.
Interesting fact about cinnamon, the therapeutic qualities within the VO of cinnamon withstand heat – probably due to the protection of Eugenol. Up to 400 degrees – so cooking with cinnamon is one excellent way to utilize this herb.
Also, since clove and cinnamon have so many chemicals in common, it is reasonable to think that they share many of the benefits.

ANTI: inflammatory.
Clove is 90% Phenylpropanoids which are known to cleanse receptor sites.
has long been considered as enhancing sexual feelings.]
Clove prescribed in India to restore male fertility and virility and research on mice supports this theory. Men chew clove buds beginning early to mid-day in preparation
Clove and nutmeg combined study on mice resulted in increased virility and sperm mobidity.

Coriander – Also cilantro - SP
ANTI: spasmodic, inflammatory. analgesic, stimulant to cardiac, circulatory and nervous system.
Coriander hung in the famous Gardens of Babylon.
Arabian nights (1000 year old book) has story of merchant gone childless for 40 years and a dish of coriander resulted in child.
Used in many cultures, Greek, Roman, Chinese, even mentioned in Sanskit writings. Hippocrates created a drink that became a staple at weddings: Coriander, Cardamom, clove, ginger and Cinnamon –
Another version of that drink is
Red wine, Honey, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, mace, cloves, cardamom, coriander, cayenne. Heat just under boil, fill a container to the brim, and store for 1 wk in dark place. Strain and return to air tight container for one month before opening and drink within 4 days – can last unopened for years.

Fennel SP
ANTI: parasitic, spasmodic, toxin.
Found in many aphrodisiac concoctions, such as the modern Sultan's Paste
Fennel is another oil that has (anethol) and acts as an oxytocin agonist.
It has the reputation of benefitting uterine health

Fenugreek (which is very similar to Fennel)
also found in the modern version of the Sultan's Paste
It’s been found to help with enlarged Prostate and Male sterility
Along with anethol, another substance called diosgenen which is an important precursor for many hormones such as Human growth hormone, thyrotrophin-releasing hormone, and oxytocin
Fenugreek has long been recommended by Chinese herbalists for impotence.
seeds of fenugreek used in Ayurveda medicine and in Unani system, used as either an aphrodisiac to
resolved hormonal complaints. .
Fenugreek contains coumarin-like substances, and should be used with caution along with heparin, warfarin and other anti-coagulants.

also found in many concoctions including the Sultan’s paste & EST
topical & local stimulant, spasmodic. Analgesic, aphrodisiac, vasodilator

Studies on herbal aphrodisiacs used in Arab system of medicine. [mice - 3 months on large amounts of ginger] significantly increased the sperm motility and sperm content and no toxicity.
Repeated this study in various ways and fairly conclusive that ginger increases sperm motility
Some tests on humans combined ginger with other herbs such as black pepper or ginger taken internally and determined no toxic effects to general health or sperm health.
ginger apparently stimulates uterine contractions which supports other studies indentifying Ginger as an oxytocin agonist
ginger thromboxane antagonist (having to do with platelets) anti-clotting research by Ahmed Elkadi MD Panama City Fl Inst. of Islamic Medicine
Hypothesis of active components in volatile oil from a traditional Chinese herb formulation,
Studied relationship between oxytocin and EO: Angelica sinensis, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Cinnamomum cassia, Foeniculum vulgare, Zingiber officinale),

relaxant - Mace Essential Oil is an aphrodisiac that warms the body and increase blood circulation. It is a sex stimulant similar to Nutmeg.
    * Mace and Nutmeg contain myristicin and similar compounds that are related to mescalin. In larger doses, nutmeg and mace can cause hallucinations, whereas in smaller amounts they are traditional aphrodisiacs.


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sexual health and spices [continued]

ANTI: inflammatory, Stimulant, boosts energy, stimulates libido, revives nervous fatigue. FRENCH MEDICINAL USES: rheumatism.
In ancient China, women prized nutmeg an aphrodisiac, and researchers have found it to increase mating behaviors in mice. There is no evidence to prove the same happens in humans. In quantity, nutmeg can produce a hallucinogenic effect.
Aphrodisiac activity of 50% ethanolic extracts of Myristica fragrans Houtt. (nutmeg) and Syzygium aromaticum (L) Merr. & Perry. (clove) in male mice: a comparative study
Medicinal plants prescribed by different tribal and non-tribal medicine men of Tripura state
Sometimes, it is prescribed in the form of small pills to restore fertility. Fruits and roots mixed with 2-3 cloves are chewed for enhancing virility
Clinical Trial Praelude for Men
The Effects of Praelude - A Natural Dietary Supplement for Enhancement of Male Sexual Function
Nutmeg is mentioned as nervous stimulants so the action of these drugs as sexual invigorators may be due to their nervine stimulating property. Further, nutmeg has also been reported to increase blood circulation in the body.
may provide the substrates for nitric oxide (NO) production and up-regulate the NO pathway to facilitate smooth muscle relaxation, vascular dilatation, and improved erections.
improves cell energy levels.stimulates sexual glands and helps to perform better and longer.increases sperm count and mobility.ensures satisfaction for both.excellent anti-stress aphrodisiac.
It is well established that nitric oxide (NO) is the key mediator for the up-regulation of cGMP which in turn mediates erectile function.(1) L-arginine is the precursor of nitric oxide.
arginine produces Nitric oxide found to increase sperm motility and male fertility, and ED. also helpful in enhancing female desire, vaginal dryness, feminine sensual pleasure and arousal. BUT - arginine can bring on herpes outbreak.
Besides having many specific drugs for enhancing sexual functions, there are certain most commonly used spices like Myristica fragrans Houtt, (Nutmeg) Syzygium aromatium (L) Merr. & Perry.(clove) and Piper nigrum. Linn. (black paper) etc. which are empirically used as promising aphrodisiacs in traditional medicine practice in cases of sexual debility or depressed desire .
CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS: Borneol, Camphene, Cymol, Dipentene, Eugenol, Geraniol, Linalol, Pinene, Sapol, Terpineol, Myristicin, Safrol.
It is of interest that the equivalent of the multi-herb antidote against all poisons that was concocted by King Mithridates VI, who ruled over ancient Turkey , is still on sale in a modern reformulation in that country (See section on Medical Use of Spices). It now carries suggestive names such as "Sultan's Paste".
The Arabs had their "Perfumed Garden" and the Hindus their "Kama Sutra", each of which extolled favored spices such as nutmeg, cloves, galangal, cardamon and ginger, while the Romans came to favor cinnamon and pepper, and the Chinese were most impressed with ginger.
The following spices have had a long reputation of having aphrodisiacal properties.
Department of Ilmul Advia (Unani Pharmacology), Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202002, India
Aphrodisiac activity of 50% ethanolic extracts of Myristica fragrans Houtt. (nutmeg) and Syzygium aromaticum (L) Merr. & Perry. (clove) in male mice: a comparative study
Our study suggested that the systemic use of 50% ethanolic extracts of Nutmeg and Clove have sexual behaviour enhancing effect in male mice. Thus the experimental findings substantiate the claim of unani physicians that the Nutmeg and Clove are clinically useful as sexual invigorators in males.
garam masala
anti depressant
nutmeg ...increase mating behaviors in mice
smelling Lavender and pumpkin pie increased blood flow to genitals by 40%
All responses increased with the additional smell of dougnuts. Most doughnut recipes include nutmeg and vanilla (Krispy creme)

ANTI: neuralgic, adrenal/nervous/circulatory stimulant. rheumatoid arthritis, blood pressure diabetes
Pine Needle Essential Oil has a positive effect on prostrate problems in men and is beneficial in treating impotence.
Pine nuts used to stimulate libido since Medieval times. Pine nuts have been used for centuries to make up love potions.
history in Romans, Greeks, Arabia, & Asia
Greek physician Galen recommended a mixture of honey, almonds and pine nuts each evening to increase male vitality.
ALSO to eat one hundred pine nuts before going to bed.
Like Oysters, are high in zinc which is thought to be important in reproductive health. In male sexuality, Seminal fluid is high in zinc
QUESTION AROSE: are there plant based pheromones? ANSWER – yes, of sorts. I found evidence of pheromones mimickers as well as pre-pheromone chemicals. These all seem to be VO and came up in reference to tree resins (particularly the chemical pinene)
antispasmodic activity was determined in rat uterus giving a uterine relaxant effect -. The anti-inflammatory due to two major components, alpha-pinene and beta-pinene, although the presence of thymol (thyme) and carvacrol (Basil), minor components also capable of this action.
Therefore, the of the plant extracts could be due to beta-pinene (found in turmeric)
Believed to benefit both male and female hormones. Pine nuts are high in Omega 3 and arginine

Basil (sweet basil)
ANTI: depressant, inflammatoryspasmodic. stimulate nerves. FRENCH MEDICINAL USES: migraines, mental fatigue, menstruation.
For centuries, people said that basil stimulated the sex drive and boosted fertility as well as producing a general sense of well being. The scent of basil was said to drive men wild -- so much so that women would dust their breasts with dried and powdered basil. Basil is one of the many reported aphrodisiacs that may have the property of promoting circulation.

Tumeric (Sultan's Paste)
Anti-inflammatory: Acute or chronic
Anti-platalet (blood thinner)
Beneficial to prostate
liver detoxifier
reduces drug side effects
Diabetic rats treated with diet of .5% curcumin for 8 weeks, Blood cholesterol was lowered significantly by dietary curcumin in these diabetic animals.
Uterine relaxant effects of Curcuma and possibly to pinene

peppermint stimulates blood flow to the pelvic area in women and not necessary to apply locally (too hot)
Peppermint facilitates increased moisture in mucousy membrains. – useful for vaginal dryness
Smooth muscle relaxant
menthol in peppermint oil exert Ca2+ channel blocking properties and have a general calming effect on muscles helpful with heart problems.
60 day trial treatment Male mice treated with Japanese Mint showed a clear reduction sperm count
all while maintaining what appeared to be normal libido.
Anti-fertility properties reversed within 30 days after concluding a. No adverse effects were seen at the conclusion of the study.

ANTI: coagulant, depressant, inflammatory, septic, spasmodic toxic. analgesic, cardio tonic, sedative.FRENCH MEDICINAL USES: insomnia, lowers blood pressure,
relaxant - Lavender Essential Oil enhances blood flow to sexual organs and helps to boost female sensitivity.
Smelling both Lavender and pumpkin pie increased blood flow to genitals by 40%

ANTI: sexual, spasmodic. Vasodilator, sedative, may be useful in dealing with PTS, rape issues & sexual addictions. FRENCH MEDICINAL USES: aches, arthritis, migraine headaches, muscle spasms, neuralgia, parasympathetic NS, blood pressure, rheumatism.

Ylang Ylang
ANTI: depressant, spasmodic. Sedative, Enhances sexual energy, balances male/female energy. supports confidence, FRENCH MEDICINAL USES: Anxiety, arterial hypertension, depression, diabetes, fatigue, palpitations, tachycardia

Clary Sage
ANTI: spasmodic. nerve tonic, sedative, warming. . FRENCH MEDICINAL USES: cholesterol, frigidity, genitalia, hormonal balance, impotence, menstrual cramps, PMS, premenopause,
relaxant - Clary Sage Essential Oil helps to boost libido and sexual desires. It is very effective in treating psychological problems that is caused by loss if libido, impotency, etc.
An effective oil for anxiety or for tackling phobias as clary sage helps to dissolve these negative feelings. Clary Sage also helps to regulate and balance hormones
Heard reports from people of different blends working in different ways other than what they are reputed to do. Like ORMUS.

From what we’ve learned today, the qualities of anti-spasmodic (relaxing), anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, vasodilator and those benefitting prostate and circulation can all potentially fall under the generally umbrella of Aphrodisia. Take a look at BREO guide to go over a small list of 80+ EOs whereas BREO carries about twice that amount for sale.


Pay more attention to herbs and spices.
Non-irradiated, preservatives free
In teas

Aroma (good place beginner to start)

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libido 'beer'

In 1516 the Bavarian Beer Purity act was passed that made it illegal to make (healthy) fermented brews and call them "beer". This '16th century codex alimentarius' was in effect a measure to castrate and enslave European men, taking from them the "ales", i.e. fermented brews to cure ailments, and only offering them a drink full of hops [one of the mandatory ingredients of beer since this law], one of the most estrogenic herbs on the planet.

"Beers" used to be made by monks and were infused with all kinds of (sexual) health enhancing herbs, creating a viral, strong population of males. The Beer 'Purity' Act made an end to this healthy practice, taking from the European public one of the main sources of vitamin B and other necessary nutrients.

As any student of mankind knows, every long-standing civilisation on Earth has fermented foods as part of the diet. They form part of the necessary elements of a complete diet. We still have cheese and sourkraut, but beer was the main way to drink liquids for most Europeans for centuries, making water safe through the fermentation process. Taking healthful beer from the populace was a major slap in the face to public health (and virility).

So beer (according to the Beer Purity Act of 1516) makes men sleepy, compliant, and limp because of all of the estrogen in it. Beer brewers were known to have 'brewers droop', a problem with getting an erection from just HANDLING the hops!

Good 'beers', on the other hand, support health, vigor, and freedom of thought. No wonder they're illegal according to European law...
Other names such 'brews' now go by:
Mead, honey beer
Pulque, agave beer
Tiswin, Saguaro beer
Chicha, corn beer
Tesquino, germinated corn beer
cornstalk beer
Surinam corn beer
Masato, manioc beer
Chang, beer of millet, barley, wheat, or rice
ad infinitum

See the post on FOODS, The amazing world of 'beers' and 'wines'

By now i've made a few batches of raw gruit ale, i.e. a fermentation of barley, wheat, and fruit. No further ingredients as yet but as drinkable as any beer.

I can attest to the libido strengthening properties of this stuff! Nothing that i've ever experienced drinking the stuff that's concocted according to the Bavarian Beer Purity Act, which is basically meant to undermine masculinity.

It's also wonderful for the digestive system, i.e. all it's supposed to be.

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chronobiotic diet pointers

Chronobiotic nutrition explains that each time of day is connected to certain organs which are most active and influential at that time. Amongst other things this is the explanation for the 7 day week, every 14 hours another stage, culminating after 7 days in every organ having passed through an especially sensitive phase.
Anyway, as pertaining to the reproductive organs, certain foods taken at certain times can have beneficial and stimulating effects and it's the cheapest and easiest way to impact your sexlife. Here are a few of the ideas on what to eat when that Atom Bergstrom talks about on the interviews with him on One Radio Network:

Around 21:00, eat fresh pineapple and peanut butter;
the peanuts contain something that helps produce testosterone and together with the pineapple you'll get the impact you desire, plus it's a tasty combo.

At 15:00, eat watermelon.

Also around 21:00, eat a meal consisting of eggs, sardines, and yam; the sardines represent a natural source of sperm, the eggs the ovum, and the yam somehow activates them. There are many definitions of "yam"; get the one as illustrated which is a tuber.

Get a tea that's high in 'natural' aluminum, nature's own viagra. I believe horsetail's one.

Things like raw chocolate contain loads of zinc in a form that your body can really use.

In general avoid estrogenic things that get in the way of testoterone production and make one more feminine instead of virile in a masculine way. That includes foods like soy, too much flax, meat full of hormones, plastic bottles (including content), and beer (containing hops: almost all).
Do eat foods that are anti-estrogenic like maca.
Also stay away from plastic (and any other debilitating chemicals); don't drink water from plastic bottles and such. Heavy metal poisoning is also a sexual killer; if you have mercury fillings, get them out [see detox].

If you want to try supplements or pills after that, at least you won't be counteracting the effects thereof by your lifestyle/live-it if you adhere to the above and you may actually find yourself not needing those costly options anymore anyway.

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The Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet is the only diet i've ever encountered that promises to increase sexual abilities.

I'm reading the book now, just recently discovered it, but it appears a valid theory (and i don't say that lightly of diets).

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less common foods

maca is a root from Andes/South America. It supposedly stops estrogen from destroying testosterone. It appears to be a good way of negating negative effects that result of bad eating habit and life style.
See Maca enhances libido, increases sperm count, and reduces post-menopausal symptoms

Rettich/ramanas is also a root known for it's libido stimulating properties.

Wheat grass juice [especially if the grass was grown with sea salt) offers the body carbon-linked minerals and should generally improve health and therefore also libido. I've never had enough of it to verify this effect [unlike the other options i mentioned] but as amazing healing results are reported [by trustworthy sources], it stands to reason that drinking wheat grass should enhance sexual prowess. Up to an 8oz glass daily is recommended but it doesn't have to be grass from wheat, barley, or rye [etc.]; any grass will do.

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libido and sexual health enhancing foods

Walnuts improve the health of sperm, research suggests

raw gruit ale

beets [MBP mini beet protocol]
(sperm is mainly zinc and beets are full of zinc sulphate)

eat watermelon between 15:00 - 17:00 [sundial time]

oats between 13:00 and 15:00 are good for sexual stamina.

eat yam, sardines, and eggs together at 21:00 [sundial time]

eat peanut butter and pineapple in the evening [between 19:00 and 21:00 sundial time]

Have a tea rich in natural aluminum (nature's viagra).

Fructose from tree fruits eaten at Stomach Time [7:00-9:00 am] is ideal for the care and feeding of spermatozoa nurtured for recreational purposes in the evening or reproductive purposes at Bladder Time.

According to Swami Nitty Gritty “For a vibrant sex life for conception, a woman eats plantain in the morning and a man a night. A woman eats two-thirds of a plantain in the morning, and the man eats one-third. In the evening, the woman eats one-third, and the man eats two-thirds.”
Wikipedia: Bananas are almost always eaten raw, while plantains tend to be cooked or otherwise processed

Also: “Eat oysters for sex drive. Oysters are rich in iodine to stabilize hormones. Too much or too little iodine can make you impotent – sperm is marine life.”

Many aphrodisiacs are root vegetables. Circulation-Sex Time, 7:00-9:00 pm, is the optimum time to eat yucca, edo, yam, maca, ginseng, damiana, or other roots or rhizomes to enhance libido.

Oats at 13 to 15:00 is good for stamina in sexlife (also good to take tomato juice and molasses at this time).

Caffeine increases sperm motility and metabolism … and ups antioxidant levels in seminal fluid. You’ve probably heard otherwise, and that’s because you need to know WHEN to take caffeine.

Also see Thirteen sensual aphrodesiac foods to improve your sex life
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sex organs

Avocados, eggplant and pears target the health and function of the womb and cervix in females. They also resemble these organs.

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