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diet principles and theories

I like this list i found here:
Instead of a perfect book, I have designed a perfect Paleo Course.
Lesson 1: Mark Sisson
Lesson 2: Rob Wolf
Lesson 3: Nora Gedgaudas's Primal Body - Primal Mind
Lesson 4: Paul Jamine's Perfect Health Diet

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The Chronobiotic Diet

Atom Bergstrom is a regular at OneRadioNetwork (with a special tab for interviews with him) and together with Marcella Vonn Harting he's produced the book Yes, No, Maybe; Chronobiotic Nutrition.

I've tried it and am impressed. And the best part about adhereing to the chronobiotic rules is that it transcends all other dietary rules/systems and can, therefore, always be applied, no matter what other principles one eats by.

The basic principle is simple:
All life on Earth assimilates sunlight at certain times of day and that's also the time of day that, when we eat such things, they give off their energy. That means that if an orange (tree) takes in sunlight in the morning [which it does] that one should eat an orange in the morning, otherwise your body will hold on to the orange until the next morning (which wreaks havoc on digestion). That means that sticking to this diet immediately has at least one major effect: frequent bowel movements as the body no longer holds onto foods that aren't ready to be assimilated yet.

The rules are simple: trees take in sunlight in the morning, most other plants and such take in the afternoon light, and infrared light [the light absorbed by water and earth and released in the form of heat] is assimilated at night/evening [including all seafood].
There are a few exceptions to the rule but they're really few and aren't a problem.

So everything from a tree, from apples to pine seeds to nuts to coconuts, should be consumed in the morning, from 00:30 to 11:30.
All plants, berries, botanical fruits of all kind, etc. are to be eaten between 11:30 and 18:30,
and seafood, roots, and other things growing beneath the soil should be consumed between 18:30 and 00:30.
Notable 'exceptions' being flesh of most animals: afternoon,
eggs: evening,
dairy: afternoon
pineapple: evening

To ascertain when sundial time is, check a sun dial emoticon
Also, Time& offers the time for your location. The best way is to check when NOON is and work from there; so if noon is 12:45 or something, you get sundial time by adding 45 minutes to your 'regular' time.
Let's say the sun comes up at 06:00 and sets at 10:00; sundial noon was then at 14:00. So if you're wishing to eat between 11:30 and 13:30 sundial time, you'd end up eating between 13:30-15:00 on your clock/watch.

The fun thing is that after a while you really get a feel for this and that there is a week in the month when it doesn't feel right: the week around the full moon.
Then the rules get thrown around:
THE 3 DAYS PRIOR TO THE FULL MOON, eat in the morning what assimilates infrared [normally evening],
eat in afternoon what gets assimilated in the morning [trees],
eat in evening afternoon food;
THE DAY OF THE FULL MOON, eat of every group at every meal,
THE 3 DAYS AFTER THE FULL MOON, eat afternoon foods in the morning, evening foods in the afternoon, and morning foods in the evening.

That's pretty much it. It's very simple and the book really doesn't explain all that much more because it's just so simple. But i've tried it and do believe it works. What's more, i love that it helps me decide what to eat because i just don't do afternoon foods in the morning now, etc. The 'limitations' are liberating...

Time Changes in the World is a book by Doris Chase Doane tells you sun time wherever you are.

This is especially important for siësta time, between 13:00 and 15:00 [sundial time]. And Wednesday siësta time lasts 14 hours [so that should be the day of rest].

Full moon calender & reminder service.
According to Atom Bergstrom after a year or so of applying chronobiotic theory it becomes important to also apply the moon phase.

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The Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet website
download the book through

Amazing stuff! I could cite 1000 diets but i choose to limit myself to the very best. The Warrior Diet helps give more energy and even liberates from the slave attitude. Ori Hofmekler explains that the Romans used to feed their slaves just like we eat today and they themselves would consume according to 'warrior diet principles'. Eating all day keeps you timid:

Read the book; it'll change how you think about eating.

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more on chronobiotic eating

Circadian Eating: Growth Zone One

Time Conscious Eating is WORKING THE ANGLES.
GROWTH ZONE ONE foods are morning foods.
All foods that grow on trees may be eaten between 12:30-12:00 am.
Growth Zone One foods evolved out of the CANOPY level of the three heights of forest ecology (canopy, understory, floor-subfloor levels).

Heliotropic TENSION is the guiding torque influencing Zone One vegetation – compared to Zone Two’s mesotropic shearing and Zone Three’s geotropic and hydrotropic compaction.
The tree’s strategy is to harvest the 45-degree angle of light in the morning.

To reach the first rays of the Sun for optimum photosynthesis, trees are the most heliotropic of plant life, meaning they oppose gravity by growing upward in search of sunlight with an earlier and greater effort than the shrubs, bushes, grains, and vegetables below.

Arthur Zajonc (Catching the Light: The Entwined History of Light and Mind, 1993) wrote…
“Slowly vary the angle of the nozzle [of a garden hose] from straight forward to directly up, and note the changing distance the water travels. Initially, as the angle increases, so does the distance. However, when the nozzle is at a forty-five-degree angle, the water reaches its farthest; increasing the angle still more only causes the angle to retreat. As Galileo first noted for artillery, maximum range is achieved at forty-five degrees, with shorter distances being traveled for angles both greater and less than that.”

Trees don’t suck – they use CAPILLARY ACTION to lift liquid to their topmost leaves, where water pressure is the highest and photosynthesis is the lowest, ceasing completely at the height of 420 feet above the ground.
420 feet is also the limit for the cohesiveness of the water column of a tree.

Adano wrote … “Trees receive radiation from the Sun at dawn as it comes up over the horizon. Fruit and nuts are vitalized for nourishment early in the day. Also, cellular bodies secrete the necessary substances to handle such types of food at this time. The Creative Intelligence has supplied the right types of protein, carbohydrate, fat, oil, water, and air to be utilized at that period of the day. Too, bodily secretions are geared to respond better and to handle these forms of energy as nourishment at breakfast.”
follow link to read the rest

Atom: Best time to pick green onion in the morning, and eat it at midday. Best time to pick radish at midday, and eat it at night.
Other: I thought we were suppose to eat the green part of the onion at mid day and bottom white part at night.
Atom: Yep, green part at midday, and bulb in the evening, picking one cycle ahead of eating.
Other: If you pick a fruit, greens or tomato, couldn't you just eat it right then in the right cycle... That's what I do with loquats, peaches, tangerines just eat them right outside in the yard.
Atom: Second, according to Adano. But I think the pleasure of picking and eating food at the same time outweighs waiting. [...] You get more minerals by picking earlier. They are in a state of storage, not usage.

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list of trace minerals and their sources.


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chronobiotics and the 7 day week

Just as each organ has it's 2 hours a day, it has it's 14 hours a week. The 12 organs (in this system) x 14 (hours) = one whole week. The 7 day week therefore comes from biological cycles. The times are as follows:

Sunday 03:00 to 17:00, lung
Sunday 17:00 to Monday 07:00, large intestine
Monday 07:00 to 21:00, stomach
Monday 21:00 to Tuesday 11:00, spleen-pancreas
Tuesday 11:00 to Wednesday 01:00, heart time
Wednesday 01:00 to 15:00, small intestine
Wednesday 15:00 to Thursday 05:00, bladder time
Thursday 05:00 to 19:00, kidney time
Thursday 19:00 to Friday 09:00, circulation-sex
Friday 09:00 to 23:00, thyroid
Friday 23:00 to Saturday 13:00, gall bladder
Saterday 13:00 to Sunday 03:00, liver

That means don't be physically active on Wednesdays before 15:00.
The time to build body mass is after this period: 15:00 to 17:00 and Wednesday 15:00 to Thursday to 05:00.
The time to build strength is after this: 17:00 to 19:00 and Thursday 05:00 to 19:00.
The time to lose weight is 09:00 to 11:00 and Monday 21:00 to Tuesday 11:00.

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blood typing [blood type diet]

According to blood type theory each blood type has it's own nutritional requirements and have their specific demands and limitations.
A's [i.e. people with blood type A] do better/well on grains and less meat, 0's ["zeros", not O's; it's not blood type A, B, and O,, it's A, B, and zero] do well on much animal protein but no dairy, corn, potatoes, or wheat products, and B's do well on dairy and meat but should avoid most grains. (AB's, though generally vegetarians like the A's, can eat almost anything without problems, but AB isn't really a separate blood type as it's a hybrid of the types A and B.)

Each blood type is really a different 'SPECIES' of mankind. The different blood types never actually mix but remain separate and distinctive from one another, no matter what one's parents were.
Peoples around the world are nutritionally (and psychologically) determined to important degrees by the percentage of blood types they're made up of. In Asia, for instance, where blood type B is far more prominent than in the West [25-50% as opposed to about 10% in the USA] B blood type dietary requirements and psyche have created what the West now refers to as "Asian culture". It is in fact a blood type B culture.

Since blood type determines so much of what can and should be considered good food, there are actually 3 main dietary types that can and should rule people of the various blood types.
The Tarahumara indians in Mexico, for instance, do extremely well on a diet consisting of foods that are typically well-suited to people with blood type A: beans, corn, and squash. American indians, typically, consisted of mainly people with blood type A and so the success of the Tarahumara stands to reason [they being able to run marathons daily on a diet consisting of (very moderate quantities of) corn and corn beer (tesquino) mainly].

In short, the diets for the various blood types might be considered as such:
Blood type A:
corn, beans, squash, seeds
meat: chicken
Blood type B:
honey (products) [including mead], dairy, fungi, nuts
meat: fish
Blood type 0:
meats and no wheat, dairy, corn, or potato

In other words...
A: corn
B: milk and honey
0: meat

For all blood types it's obviously desirable to consume plenty of fruits in the diet, as well. Things like onions, garlic, eggs, and ginger [all night-time foods according to the chronobiotic principle] would be advisable, too.
To fit this into chronobiological theory (and thereby make clear how the above might be accomplished practically), one might eat fruit in the morning, typical foods associated with blood type in the afternoon, and the aforementioned root foods in the evening. Blood type then becomes essentially an aspect of what one eats for the afternoon meal.

The above certainly isn't meant to suggest that any of these blood types should limit their diets to only the foods mentioned. Though people might do very well limiting their diet to their own blood type, the Tarahumari indians [to stick to the example given] thrive on beans as well as corn, supplemented by chia seeds and any number of other vegetables.
The list of foods appropriate to each blood type according to blood type theory is long for each blood type. This post is meant to give a feeling of how simple the distinctions in reality are. People really don't need to eat 50 different foods a day, just as most animals in the world only eat very few foods and even real omnivors [which people are NOT!] tend to eat a single food at a single meal.

Blood Type Misinformation
Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) gave us a few simple rules about Blood Types …
“A and AB will develop acidosis if they try to be meat eaters all the time.
“B and O will develop alkalosis if they try to be a vegetarian all the time.
“If an A or an AB eats too much meat, they get acidosis with a white tongue, cracked skin, yellow fluid, and runny crystals.
“If a B or O eats no meat, they get alkalosis with a red tongue, drying with scale with no fluid.
“An A or an AB are usually born among meat eaters.
“They switch away and easily adapt to a vegetarian diet.
“The reverse is true for B and O.”
Adano never advocated ELIMINATING any of the Blood Type foods.
One of his mantras was, “Abstinence cures nothing.”

Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s Blood Type Diet is based on LECTINS (agglutinins).
Many lectins don’t affect the blood and many exhibit polyagglutinability – the agglutination of red blood cells regardless of Blood Type.
Some lectins do target specific Blood Types.
Lima bean lectins agglutinate Type A red blood cells – OVERCOOK them to destroy the phytohemoagglutinins.
The phytohemoagglutinins in beans are toxic to all Blood Types.
They’re especially concentrated in red kidney beans.
Cooking or overcooking won’t destroy the toxic lectins in great northern beans.
Many lectins are potent anticarcinogenic and antimetastatic agents, including …
jackfruit lectin (JFL),
mistletoe lectin (ML-1),
peanut lectin (PNA),
soybean lectin (SBA), and
wheat germ lectin (WGA).
(The “A” in PNA, SBA, and WGA stands for “agglutinin.”)
Cranberry lectins and blueberry lectins are the reason these berries are therapeutic for cystitis, urethritis, and UTIs.

Gary Null and Barbara Seaman (For Women Only: Your Guide to Health Empowerment, 1999) wrote …
“‘He [Dr. Peter D'Adamo] really shows a very poor understanding of human physiology,’ according to [Dr. Joel] Furman, ‘because he is looking at agglutination on a lab slide, not in the body. The body has various mechanisms to prevent agglutination with the immune system and through the production of various enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract. In other words, looking at a slide at a person’s blood is not the same thing as what goes on in the body. If people were having agglutination from lectins, all the type O’s who agglutinate with beans and wheat would be dead now because agglutination would cause infarction of the brain and organs. In other words, the whole thing is so ridiculous that it’s almost silly to have to discuss it.’”

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modern general soil deficiencies

'nuff said!

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natural hygiene and the 80-10-10 diet

In this podcast with Douglas Graham [oneradionetwork] the 80-10-10 principle is discussed according to theory, practice, and common sense:
80% carbohydrates
10% fats
10% protein

Considering that nuts, for instance, contain loads of fats and proteins, this diet is basically about:
- loads of fruit
- a few nuts and seeds
- vegetables
- leafy greens

In practice one would be eating a lot of fruit, some vegetables [the podcast also discusses the difference between the botanical and culinary definition], and some fresh herbs [like can be harvested daily outside; nettle leaves and the like].

I particularly liked Douglas Graham's no-nonsense approach, but he also appears to be having amazing results, for himself as well as for the athletes and patients he advises. This is a must-have-heard podcast on diet.

Freelee the Bananagirl: If u want to succeed on a raw food lifestyle or Raw till 4 then u MUST learn to eat enough fruit! Fruit is full of belly-filling fibre water but low in calories so in order to reach satiation and our nutritional needs we must eat large portions, just as we would have done in nature when we approached a fruit tree with our family. We would've set up camp and eaten all we care for until done, none of this "hey don't eat anymore mangoes that's TOO MUCH SUGAR!" No way. Don't be scared of smashing it in, if u do then in time u will totally transform on this lifestyle Here is a typical mango meal for me (I am filmed eating this on YouTube)

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more on chronobiotics

source: blogpost by Atom Bergstrom @ one radio network .com
Swami Nitty-Gritty (Adano Ley) maintained Solar Nutrition began 10,000 years ago in Mongolia.
According to him, it was developed in what is now the Gobi Desert during the Solar Dynasty – a dynasty Indian historians associate with the ancient city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh.
The many aspects of TIME and TIMING have been investigated by humankind for centuries upon centuries – examples include Astrology and the Ayurvedic science of Dinacharya.
The Midnight-Noon Law (Zi Wu Liu Zhu) – dividing the 24-hour day into 12 Organ Times – has been used by doctors of Oriental medicine for centuries.
Zi & Wu Ebb & Flow has been traced back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907), but it’s certainly more ancient than that.
The Midnight-Noon Law – actually the 3:00 AM-3:00 PM Law – correlates 12 acupuncture meridians with the 12 Organ Times …
3:00-5:00 am – Lung Time.
5:00-7:00 am – Large Intestine Time.
7:00-9:00 am – Stomach Time.
9:00-11:00 am – Spleen-Pancreas Time.
11:00 am-1:00 pm – Heart Time.
1:00-3:00 pm – Small Intestine Time.
3:00-5:00 pm – Urinary Bladder Time.
5:00-7:00 pm – Kidney Time.
7:00-9:00 pm – Circulation-Sex Time.
9:00-11:00 pm – Triple Heater Time.
11:00 pm-1:00 am – Biliary Bladder Time.
1:00-3:00 am – Liver Time.
These Organ Times – and alternate nostril breathing – are environmentally anchored to Local Solar Time (Sundial Time).
The roots of Solar Nutrition also go back to the ancient I Ching: The Chinese Book of Transformations. (Bamboo-slip editions first appeared before the Third Century BC.)
Everett Kleinjans (I Ching – Book of Symbolic Communication, 1989) noted …
“Rather than seeing time as a series of individual slides in a film strip, the I Ching tends to see it holistically as the overriding factor in all situations”
One aspect of Swami Nitty-Gritty’s version of Solar Nutrition is definitely referred to in the I Ching …
“The power of the Full Moon lasts for 3 days before the Full Moon, the day of the Full Moon, and the 3 days after the Full Moon.”
Swami Nitty-Gritty called this 7-day period “Lunar Nutrition,” or “cafeteria-style eating,” or “Lunatic Eating,” compared to the 21 days designated for “Solar Nutrition.”
The Growth Zones – Zones 1, 2, and 3 – of Swami Nitty-Gritty’s version of Solar Nutrition were known in ancient Egypt.
Moses was introduced to the Solar Science and the Growth Zones while he lived there.
“Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in his words and deeds,” according to Acts 7:22.
The Egyptian scarab is a symbol of “the 3 light zones of the ecology, the 45-degree angle of light, the 90-degree angle of light, and the bounce range of light.”
Swami Nitty-Gritty (Adano Ley) explained, “The structural outline of man is taken from the beetle. The Egyptian scarab is a representation of the 3 zones of calcium distribution in the human body.”
The Indo-Germans knew about the Growth Zones because of their close relationship to Mother Nature.
Julius Caesar pointed out, “The only beings they recognize as gods are things that they can see, and by which they are obviously benefited, such as sun, moon and fire; the other gods they have never even heard of.”
In the late 1800s, there was a revival of the “old ways” in a social movement known as Lebensreform (Life Reform).
Lebensreform’s “return to nature” involved health foods, raw foods, alternative medicine, full-frequency spectral solar therapy, hydrotherapy, soil reform, communitarianism, nudism, and sexual and religious liberation.
Proponents of Life Reform included Eduard Baltzer, Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach, Fidus (Hugo Hoppener), Gusto Graser, Hermann Hesse, Adolf Just, Father Sebastian Kneipp, Louis Kuhne, Rudolf Steiner, Richard Ungerwitter, and many others.
(I’ve mentioned Father Kneipp’s early-morning barefoot walking technique on Patrick’s show several times.)
Between 1895-1914, hundreds of Lebensreform enthusiasts migrated to America, including proto-hippie Bill Pester (a friend of RudolphValentino), Dr. Benedict Lust (the Father of Naturopathy), and Professor Arnold Ehret (of Mucusless Diet fame).
The Nature Boys (Children of the Sun) adopted the Lebensreform and Naturmensch (Nature Lover) lifestyle, including eden ahbez (George Alexander Aberle), Gypsy Boots (Robert Bootzin), Fred Bushnoff, Gypsy Jean, Tyyne “Toony” K. Miettinen (who lived in Ojai), Buddy Rose, Bob Wallace, Emile Zimmerman, etc.
Some of these Nature Boys worked for John and Vera Richter at their Eutropheon health food cafeterias in Los Angeles, including the one in Laurel Canyon.
eden ahbez - who wrote Nat King Cole’s major hit of 1948, “Nature Boy” – camped out under the “Hollywood” sign and played piano for the Richters.
(I knew Gypsy Boots and still have 50 or so photos I took of him. Gypsy was a guest on Steve Allen’s TV show 25 times.)
John Richter and his wife operated the Eutropheon cafeterias from 1917 to 1942, and he wrote a book published in 1936 called Nature the Healer, and he described the 3 Growth Zones.
Adano Ley – before he became Swami Nitty-Gritty – asked for all his karma in one fell swoop so he could be done and over with it.
Soon after – June 22, 1955 – a friend asked him to fix his antenna on the roof of his 3-story home in Montreal.
(Adano had previously worked for RCA, assigned to help install the first microwave tower in Canada.)
Adano fell off the roof.
(Adano insisted, “Yogananda pushed me off the roof.”)
He was rushed to the hospital with multiple compound fractures.
(Adano told us, “I fell off a roof and died 3 times on the operating table. I saw Yogananda and all the Saints. That’s when I found out I was immortal.”)
Adano spent the first year and 9 months of his “extension tour” (his words) in the hospital, a year and a half as a “hospinaut” (his term) “hung up like a turkey on a spit.”
He was suspended in a full-body cast.
(Adano commented, “You learn humility pretty darn fast when you have to call a nurse with a bedpan every time you have to go to the bathroom.”)
His confinement and lack of movement resulted in severe gas pains, so he decided to find and eliminate the offending foods.
Adano ordered a single hard-boiled egg for breakfast.
It gave him gas.
He ordered a single egg for lunch.
It gave him gas.
He ordered a single egg for dinner.
NO gas.
He repeated his experiment the next day with the same result – gas, gas, NO gas.
The egg gave him gas in the morning and midday, but there was NO gas at night.
By lunch of the third day, the nurse reported him to a doctor – who also happened to be the hospital administrator – who asked Adano why he was ordering nothing but eggs.
Adano explained his experiment, and the doctor not only gave him permission, but was interested in the results.
(This same doctor gave Adano his first colonic after he got out of the hospital.)
So, Solar Nutrition was “hatched” from an egg at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.
(While hospitalized at the Royal Vic, Adano was given doses of LSD as part of McGill University’s drug testing program directed by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in Canada. CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all Project MK-ULTRA files destroyed in 1973.)

Also see this Mercola article: Are You Living in Sync with Your Natural Body Clock?

Kiwi is both a morning and a midday food. Phototropic vines yield either or both morning and midday foods, and scototropic vines yield either midday or evening foods.

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