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Lake Nyos killer fog

There is a NatGeo documentary on how CO2 trapped at the bottom of bodies of water can suddenly come to the surface with deadly results. [This YouTube vid explains what went on there.]
 These incidents in Africa suggest a possible worldwide danger, for they have occured because the lake bottom in question was severely disturbed by a landslide; what if the bottoms of large bodies of water were severely disrupted worldwide?
Would that cause a Lake Nyos incident worldwide? In that case, we're looking at a killer fog threatening the entire planet, a fog that moves DOWN i.e. into bunkers, and at alarming speeds and force as well.
There you are, thinking yourself safe in your bunker, with filters to only let in clean air but nothing to protect you from dangerously high concentrations of CO2 which was exactly what killed 2000 overnight [in minutes] at Lake Nyos.

What caused mankind to fall back into a stone age? Whatever it was, people down in bunkers didn't make it.

This killer fog idea suggests that any hideout needs to have an entrance lower than the actual compartments, and that they need to be airtight. Bunkers generally keep out radiactive particles through their filter systems but they need to let in air because it's extremely difficult to have enough air or to have an air filtering system.

A sudden and massive global quake event might not only disrupt underwater trapped CO2 but even small cracks would allow surface CO2 to seep down and kill those within underground bunkers.

Who has taken this into account? Until it happened TWICE at the same location in Africa, no one took the idea seriously at all and that's why it happened again at lake Nyos. The dangerous levels of CO2 have no smell and kill quickly, silently, and without warning. It's a threat worth taking serious.

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