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the reticense of the scientific community

In this very interesting interview with Jonathan Wright he mentions the following about how medical science is slowly changing it's attitudes towards patent medicines vs things like vitamins:

[...] the majority of the mainstreams docs out there are still resistant, but it’s not anywhere close to 100 percent like it used to be.
Mike: Is there an age difference, I mean, are the younger doctors better educated about nutrition?
Dr. Wright: Oh absolutely. It’s the old thing, I mean, who was it, Thomas Kuhn “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”? He said that they don’t happen because people change their minds, they happen because the proponents of the outmoded ideas finally die off! And the younger generation, which has been a little bit more open to all of that, takes over.

This is a very interesting remark about his experience with medical practice, he himself having set up an alternative practice in 1973 after years of independent research following his mainstream medical education.
Bill Bryson's book A Short History About Nearly Everything first made it utterly clear to me that the scientific community gets dragged kicking and screaming into new ideas and that that's the way of things and has always been the way of things. Bryson's tale of the history of scientific opinion makes it very clear that the scientific community lags behind scientific research and progress as a matter of course, if not as a matter of some kind of social law. I guess one might dubb it The Law of Scientific Backwardness or something.

This is not about being cynical or negative, apparently it's historical fact and BELIEVING [i.e. having faith...] that your scientific authorities [i.e. mainstream] are actually up-to-date on scientific research and also embracing as much, is based on wishful thinking and not on empirical reality.
"Empirical", you know, like what science SHOULD be about...

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