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It appears that some of the greatest truths are hidden behind assumptions. Let's look at a few examples:

- fats will make you LOSE weight
- eating sugar will leave the body with LESS energy
- more control leads to chaos

Intuition itself is subject to much conjecture and false assumptions. What IS it?
Intuition is often presumed to be something akin to being psychic, associated with premonitions or even some kind of information passed through 'from on high'.
The most basic reality of intuitions is that something is suspected or even understood at gut level, but is not consciously or cerebrally understood. One might intuit that another is up to no good, though one's moral compass, conditioning, or experience suggest otherwise. The intuition might then supercede or transcend the 'conscious' mind.

This suggests that intuition stems from the right hemisphere of the brain, hence the association with women and the common term "female intuition". However, the experiences and knowledge that lead to a gut feeling can come from any level and not all of the subconscious is associated with feelings/emotions and physical experiences that center in the right hemisphere of the brain. Discarded data, or data that's been given less priority than that which the conscious brain has decided to work with, can also be gnawing at one's brain, working it's way to consciousness as an intuition.

Did the intuition then come from one's 'Higher Self'? Hardly. Let alone did it come from 'God' or angels. Intuition stems from everything we've discarded but not forgotten and sometimes it can compete with our conscious decisions and sometimes quite rightfully so.

The word "counter intuitive", then, SUGGESTS [i.e. like an assumption] that there's intuition involved in counter-intuitiveness... So the very term "counter intuitive" is counter intuitive!
Counter-intuitive has to do with assumptions, yes, but hardly with some kind of suppression of intuitions. It's about assumptions that rely on a lack of information and understanding, mainly.
When one, for instance, counter-intuits that sugar will give one MORE energy, one is simply oblivious to the biological processes from which our bodies derive energy. Therefore, it's about ignorance, plain and simple. Has nothing to do with suppressed data or priorities.

Counter-intuitive truths make up a very important part of what's lacking in mainstream knowledge, understanding, and attitudes. It is an important part of mankind's cultures.
One might think [i.e. assume] that culture would be made up more of intelligent reasoning and the ultimate counter-intuitive truth is that it is largely made up of false assumptions. Therefore, data that's counter-intuitive in mainstream thinking is very important to have. One might think that the most important truths, at least, would've been accepted by most people. Counter-intuitively, this is not the case...

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