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the subconscious mind

From the 1946 edition of The Eye of Revelation, page 44, on the '5 Tibetan Rites' (also known under the title The Fountain of Youth):

The sub-conscious realm of mind is a very wonderful creation and it is not half as hard to get it to work with you as to get you to work with it. In fact, the sub-conscious takes great delight in working with you in accomplishing anything that you desire. Desire is a very strong force, and when you use desire to induce the sub-conscious to bring about certain desirable results in your life, it will actually be thrilled to work with you, to actually go out and get the things that you want, to cause the desires of your heart to be realized or materialized.
This is something that each of you should know: The subconscious realm of mind cannot feel or sorrow or grief. None of these feelings or emotions are unpleasant to it, would be a better way of stating the matter. Your pain is a thrilling sensation to the sub-conscious. Your joy, enthusiasm, zeal and fervor, also are thrilling sensations to your sub-conscious mind, but as misery is much easier for each one of us to experience than a joy, quite naturally the only real pleasure the sub-conscious gets, and it is a joy-loving creature, is from our pain, sorrow, and misery, and quite naturally it brings about these unpleasant things in our lives thinking that we get as much pleasure from them as does it - the sub-conscious mind.
Once we convince the sub-consciousness that we get our big thrills out of joyous things of life, the sub-conscious will flood our lives with the thrilling things instead of the miserable things of life.

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