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Elite female athlete who took first place in coveted "Tough Mudder" event was powered by Boku Superfoods

Ready for some hard-core athleticism? The "Tough Mudder" event is an extreme endurance challenge that's on track to become even more popular than the much-coveted "Iron Man" race. Billed as "a non-stop 24-hour [event] designed to find the toughest human being on the planet," the race features an absolutely grueling obstacle race so difficult that 90% failed to even finish it.

Designed by British Special Forces and littered with pulse-pounding obstacles, it's a gritty, mud-trudging extreme competition that landed a huge percentage of this year's competitors in the hospital.

A "Tough Mudder" race features special forces-style "military" training obstacles, including mud pits, 8-foot walls, muddy berms, rope nets and more. Contestants are subjected to hypothermia-inducing temperatures as they slug through mud, swim across a body of water, navigate "monkey bars" and try to endure. Each lap of the course is nearly nine miles long, and contestants run as many laps as they can stand, for an astonishing 24 hours.

Participants have tents where they can catch their breath after each lap, stock up on nutrition and calories, then hit the next lap.

Paramedics are standing by throughout the entire event, and in the event held this last weekend, over four hundred dropped out of the race in the first few hours and had to be treated by medical personnel. Yeah, it's that hard core.

This "Tough Mudders" event was held in Raceway Park, NJ, where Juliana Sproles, instructor of the Boku Boot Camp in Ojai, California, entered as a hopeful competitor. (I am fortunate enough to have actually attended the Boku Boot Camp and trained for a few days with Juliana.)

She attacked the course right alongside military-trained contestants, including special forces teams and others who represent some of the best fit men in the entire world. In all, the event attracted nearly 1,000 contestants who consider themselves to be "elite athletes." Many routinely compete in marathons and Iron Man competitions as well.

Just four hours into this Tough Mudders event, 400 - 500 contestants dropped out, unable to continue. Twelve hours into the race, Juliana had completed 3 laps (each one roughly nine miles long, with 40 obstacles in each lap), leaving most other female contestants in the dust (or the mud, in this case). While Juliana soldiered on, yet more women (and men) dropped out of the race in droves, unable to continue.

By the final hour, hundreds more dropped out of the race and were admitted to local hospitals suffering from hypothermia or injuries such as sprains or broken bones. At the final lap, Juliana Sproles had passed nearly all the MEN and was in third place overall, behind the two men who eventually finished first and second (...and she was gaining on the man in second place).

At the finish line, Juliana achieved a stunning first place victory among all the women who participated, and she finished third overall, beating out hundreds of male contestants who could not complete the course.

"It was gnarly," Juliana told NaturalNews. "The mud mile went on forever, with 8-foot walls and slippery berms. The freezing weather caused the ice to freeze a quarter inch thick by the early morning, we had to break through it with our hands and feet, and then slog through it and keep moving forward..."

What was Juliana's secret? Hard training, mental commitment and a nutritional edge based almost entirely on Boku Super Foods

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