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bare necessities [part 2 of 2]

If i only had room for one book, i would bring Periodic Tales. If i could only bring 2 or 3, i would also take The 12th Planet and For Your Own Good. It's a difficult choice, for it has to do with whether i personally survive or not; if i survive, the knowledge and principles in books like The 12th Planet and For Your Own Good are well known to me and i can pass them on to others later. On the other hand, if i don't manage to survive myself, future generations are better served by For Your Own Good, and The Billings Method than they are by knowledge they may never otherwise become mature enough to handle.
It would be best to put certain books in a very safe place as soon as possible, while i might keep other books with me, in case i end up at some other location.

If i had room or opportunity, here's a quick grab of books i would take as well:
- The Billings Method of Natural Family Planning by Dr. Evelyn Billings [since i could die but the book could live on]
- Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
- Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin
- The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin
- Reed's Sextant Simplified by Dag Pike
- Nature's Building Blocks by John Emsley
- Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman
- Earth Under Fire by Paul LaViolette
- more books by Adi Da Samraj, like The Method of the Siddhas

(Except for the last 2 mentioned books, i already have all of the others in my library, i.e. hard copy.)
As soon as possible i would like to continue working on a book i might call "Establishing Civilization" in which i would just put everything important and essential that's not in the books i have, or just a compilation of the most important information. I mean, i can't copy an entire book like these i have on the periodic table of the elements [Nature's Building Blocks & Periodic Tales], but the essence of books like The Billings Method can be compressed into just a few pages. My book's coming along but i don't have the opportunity to work on it right now. I hope to finish it asap. If i can have it printed myself, preferably on laminated paper [!], i might be able to take one single TEOTWAWKI 'bible' with me wherever i go. That's a dream i have, anyway.

As far as other people finding my books in case i die, i'll also be carrying or burying a copy of the Oxford Picture Dictionary; it contains around 3600 words on all kinds of topics expressed in drawings. Very important should a non-English-speaking person or people come across my books.

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