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goal of this board

First of all, i invite ANYONE who visits this board to participate. Everyone's welcome to read, write, and have any opinion about anything they wish. Your opinions are your own business. Hell, even your opinion of ME [should you have one] is your own business. Your opinions about anything are welcome here.
This board could conceivably be about communicating with others about independent living or aspects thereof.

This board or forum is now mainly a collection of knowledge, insights, opinions, ideas, links, sources, and other things related to independent living. A lot of topics have to do with aspects of living that people commonly relegate to others, like health or nutrition. So there's a lot on HEALTH because for independent living you're going to need to see to your health needs yourself. The same goes for everything on the board.
Independent living, i believe, is what it'll take to survive the present and the future. Preparation for ANY future means collecting whatever it takes to SURTHRIVE without having to rely on ALL kinds of commercal suppliers or other professionals. That includes, especially, knowledge and understanding about all kinds of things.

I use this board myself [as initiator/owner] as a reference to sources and materials i've found. Such may serve others as everything i collect is public. Even ideas or insights i've come up with i place here, both for possible future reference for myself as well as to share with others.

As i share and explain in the below link/signature, many opinions and insights that i place here can incite surprise, annoyance, or opposition. However, many such insights and opinions are the result of much research, consideration, and experience; therefore, they often have many aspects that would take entire chapters to get into, which isn't possible in (necessarily short) board posts.
Everyone's mind is a compilation of knowledge, experience, and opinions but also (generally) assumptions, preference, and prejudice. Therefore any opinion or idea may trigger a response from the reader that hasn't been considered in the explanation of the opinion or idea on the board. That doesn't mean that such has not been (thoroughly) considered already IN MY MIND [i.e. not (yet) on the board] or might not still be considered, i.e. your response considered in relation to something already posted on the board. It may be possible that whatever causes a negative response from the reader can quite readily be explained and perhaps even to the satisfaction of the reader to the degree that it then becomes possible to see some value in it. Such would necessitate participation, which i wholly invite.

In my own case, i don't give a damn about my own preferences, presumptions, or prejudices. They are simply little obstacles in my mind, there to be dealt with as they surface. I consider it a discipline that has served me well, and continues to serve me well, to do away with them one at a time. Therefore, i only consider annoyances and irritations MY fault, a symptom of something awry in MY OWN person. [It takes a lot to get me annoyed nowadays but you're very welcome to try! emoticon ] I believe it serves one to not only not fear other people's opinions but one's own, as well.
So whatever anyone has to offer here, as far as i'm concerned, it's welcome. How bad can it get? emoticon

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this board can never be complete

Sometimes it happens that someone or some persons suddenly view A LOT of pages on the board. It then seems as if someone is appreciating it's content, perhaps downloading the whole board or something (which is a smart idea).
To anyone accessing the content of this board, however, it should be understood that there's MUCH MORE, and very IMPORTANT, information that ISN'T on the board (yet).
I got into a kind of discipline of adding new things i discover to the board. When i can and when i think about it, i add things that i've encountered or considered in the past. Much of what i gathered together [data, understanding, insights] i've never gotten around to making a post on.

IF you appreciate the quality and quantity that the board has to offer, you should also understand that the content of the board isn't exhaustive. As of this post there are 2271 [updated from original posting] posts on the board, yet this is just a beginning. If you're serious about preparing for TEOTWAWKI, you would do well to approach me on matters of priority and understand that they do not automatically follow from the data offered here. Also see what i've already uploaded to my website of the book(s) i'm working on.
Communication is still necessary for all involved.
I can help anyone make their way through and beyond the board and i offer such help without a desire for payment in any form. Mankind will need all the help it can get postTEOTWAWKI and THAT's my main concern. Of course it is; why else would i put up this board for all to enjoy?

Anyone who approaches me will never be REproached for what they ask, add, or fail to add to the board or communication. Preparation for TEOTWAWKI is at rock bottom; the nice thing about that is that it can only go up from here. That's my attitude and i will only allow myself to feel gratitude for anyone who has ANYTHING of value to add to the cause. If i don't deem something of value, i would not think of criticising where you're coming from. That's not about communication anyway...

You are welcome here, unconditionally. Feel free to test me on that. It doesn't mean that bs or irrelevant content is welcome. Completely worthless or negative comments will be censored; that's simply a practical matter: with over 2000 posts already, posts that are worthless would only serve to make worthwhile posts inaccessible. I commonly edit and merge posts for the sake of keeping the total as low as possible. It's always with accessibility in mind. This is a lesson i've learned after viewing forums since 1998: they always ultimately die under the weight of too many worthless posts, making whatever value they may have (had) too much trouble to get to.

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