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CO2: Health, Farming, and 2012,, NOT climate change

If you mention CO2 nowadays, everyone assumes you're talking about greenhouse gasses and all that.
CO2, however, is part of many very important processes in our lives. Hell, CO2 is SO important that it's what kills you when you suffucate because getting rid of CO2 (through exhaling) is how your body handles a lot of pH management. If you were to stop breathing, it's EXCESS CO2 that kills you, not LACK of O2.
Understanding CO2, therefore is essential to understanding many things that relate to health.

Almost my entire life i slept near an open window believing fresh air, i.e. oxygen, was important for my health. Now i believe that if that did me any good at all, it was because the fresh air allowed the CO2 i was exhaling during sleep to clear away quickly.
In this regard it's important to understand that CO2 falls, i.e. it collects on the ground. This should help one understand what priorities to set for sleeping arrangments. It's important to allow exhaled CO2 away from your mouth. PH management is very important to health and bad pH in the wrong places results in instant death. We normally don't realize this because every living lifeform gives pH management the highest priority. Therefore it's easy to miss that your body may be sacrificing bone mass in order to maintain pH, since you notice osteoporosis after decades but didn't notice the pH problem the calcium and phosphor in your bones solved today.

I can't remember ever reading in any permaculture book that they UTILIZE this principle. I know that they just burn gas in greenhouses to give the plants the precious CO2 that they turn into O2; if one were to somehow collect the CO2 that animals produce and offer it to plants in a targeted fashion, this offers potential benefits. CO2 can form the weakest link in a plant's respiratory cycle, just like more O2 can benefit an animal. Though plants use O2 at night when photosynthesis has stopped, if exhaled CO2 were offered to plants during the day, they might actually grow better or faster. CO2 can be easily collected BECAUSE IT FALLS. If one were to build an enclosed area underneath where animals (or humans) reside, if there's a hole in the roof, the CO2 would collect in the room and drive the O2 and other gasses out through the same hole. A walled garden located below [downhill from] the CO2 collecting room might be fed with the CO2 during the day by opening a door between them.
I never heard of this but it's pure logic.

The importance of CO2 in relation to possible 2012 cataclysms i've previously posted on at Lake Nyos killer fog. In the documentary concerning the Lake Nyos event it's explained how CO2 that came from the bottom of the lake surged up to the surface and clung to the ground, carpeting it with a lethal layer of CO2, killing 2000 people. This illustrates how CO2 falls, i.e. is heavier than air and hugs the ground.
In the above post i've postulated the possiblity of a global massive displacement of the ground [global mega earthquakes that many sources allude to] resulting in collections of CO2 at the bodem of bodies of waters [read: oceans] coming to the surface just like happened at Lake Nyos because of a landslide. The killer fog of ground-hugging concentrated CO2 does dissolve after a number of hours but it kills in minutes, if not seconds!
If a global displacement of now trapped CO2 gasses occurs every time global earthquakes happen, then all lifeforms near bodies of water that aren't at significant higher altitudes than the water involved will die.
This also means that if the Earth stops spinning, that said CO2 fogs will rush over the West coasts of all continents.
I haven't heard ANYONE talking about this but just like the event that happened 10 years prior to the Lake Nyos incident, the scientific community doesn't worry about CO2, which indirectly caused the Lake Nyos incident (since one scientist HAD postulated the idea as a future threat). Like they don't worry about TEOTWAWKI.
If you're preparing for ANY eventuality, taking precautions against a global CO2 fog might possibly belong at the top of your list. Especially since CO2 will seep down into your bunker and kill you in seconds if your air supply isn't hermetically sealed (which isn't how most bunkers are built). Your bunker's air filters may keep out radioactive material but not CO2.

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