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The BioAge Micro Algae (they sell through OneRadioNetwork) is a mixture of 4 algae strains that offer superior results because they're combined. The combination is the result of 15 years of research.

In this OneRadioNetwork podcast is explained how this product came about and what it can mean for you.

Roland Thomas and Dr. Michael Kiriac explain about the BioAge Micro Algae in detail in the podcast. They claim it has unique nutritional properties that no other food offers. Just 1 gram of these algae a day stimulates the hypothalomus, providing general health improvement. It is brain food.

One great example from the podcast is how 1 gram given to a cow allows for 500 grams less food and 4000 grams [4 liters] more milk production per day.
Cows and chickens given these algae [that's what the Russians researched them for, to give to livestock] don't develop osteoporosis, nor do they get cancer, heart disease, and other ailments like they otherwise might.

A person can take up to 4 grams [= 12 tablets].
180 tablets cost $ 125, so a minimal dose of 3/day would cost about $ 2/day.

order in the UK

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marine phytoplankton

Ocean's Alive
Did you know that no animals actually feed on chlorella and spirulina? Isn't that interesting? It's a nutrient-dense plant life, but no animals eat it...
But I haven't even begun to tell you how important marine phytoplankton is. Here are two more facts you must know...
According to NASA research, it is responsible for producing up to 90% of the Earth's oxygen... (Compare this to a mature tree which only creates enough oxygen for two human beings)...
Its main "job" is to turn inorganic raw material (like seawater, minerals, sunlight and CO2) into over 100's of living edible, organic nutrients... (This includes vitamins, bioavailable minerals, all amino acids, essential fatty acids, carotenoids and more!)...
In other words... marine phytoplankton has fed life as we know it since the beginning of time!
Now -- imagine how you would react when you put just one dose (a total of 170 billion cells in a single dropper) of this superfood into your body.
It would be like a life-activating jolt to your system, forcing every part of you to tune in and turn up.
I'm talking about your brain, your heart and circulation, your lungs, your immune system, your digestive system... everything down to the cellular level.
follow link to read more
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