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Limits to the Law of Attraction


There's a lot of BULLSH!T talk going around about 2012 concerning 'positive thinking' and the Law of Attraction.
What i get from it is that people fear fear. They TALK about the need to focus on what's positive but it COMES FROM a fear of what's negative.

A positive person isn't ignorant. A positive person has seen the dark and the light but chooses [sometimes consciously] for the light. He or she isn't ignorant of the dark. It is not ignorance that guides a truly positive person to the light. It is understanding and choice and humanity.

This is best illustrated by the INSANITY that people exibit when talking about bending the universe to their will. A positive person ISN'T insane. The choice for light doesn't come from insanity just like it didn't come from ignorance.
It is a choice FOR something, not a choice AGAINST something.

The universe happens. Within what's given, you can make choices. To DENY what's happening in the universe isn't what the Law of Attraction's about. That's more about being infantile than anything else. If Nibiru or a galactic superwave are headed towards Earth, no amount of wishful thinking is going to make a dent in that reality.
Positive thinking and the LoA aren't about ignorance, insanity, nor infantile wishful thinking. There's nothing positive about such things, nor is there anything empowering in them.

To approach the matter of 2012 or TEOTWAWKI as a death sentence is to be negative towards the fact, the opportunities, and possible outcomes. To then say that you're being positive because you're trying to stay positive about dying, is about kidding yourself. You're just choosing to die because you don't have the intelligence and psychological health to face a big challenge. People are faced with something their minds can't deal with and they kid themselves it's being positive by NOT falling into fear; but if fear would keep you alive and get your butt in gear, then THAT's the positive choice!
Fear is part of life. To fear fear is to fear life. Nothing positive there.

Life happens. The universe happens. Only authoritarian characters [those suffering under the authoritarian trauma] can't accept that they don't control the universe. Only such people's trauma is telling them that they'll die if faced with such an obvious sign of their lack of control as TEOTWAWKI.
What would be positive for such people, what the positive approach to such a challenging condition is, is to transcend it. To lay down and die by shutting off your mind and emotions (even more then they already are [i.e. shutting out feelings is what the authoritarian trauma is all about]) is negative. It's not a positive approach to something negative and it's not 'making the best of a bad situation'; it's about making NOTHING of a bad situation!
The authoritarian trauma is about shutting away your feelings. The ANSWER to it is to feel your feelings. If your feelings are uncomfortable, so be it. The authoritarian trauma is always already about picking and choosing when it comes to feelings; some are bad, some are good. Supposedly. Some need to be shut out, some are tolerable... It is natural, therefore, for people with this trauma to say that some feeling, like fear or despair, is BAD. That it weakens or threatens them.
Hard times bring up uncomfortable and new feelings. It's called life. You deal with life AND with an authoritarian conditioning by GOING THROUGH uncomfortable feelings, not by picking and choosing what you can imagine are safe feelings.
Going through uncomfortable feelings will MAKE you tough if that's what you lack (i.e. if you are experiencing the results of the authoritarian trauma).
It's not like you're shutting life OUT; it's about embracing life since your feelings are part of that, including getting scared sh!tless. You'll get over it. Actually, if getting scared sh!tless is what it takes, actually EXPERIENCING that is what will get you over your fear of life.
Embracing the reality that is 2012 is about embracing life. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you don't, you'll eventually get the following:

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