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How to use Ho'oponopono to get rid of emotional baggage
Dr. Hew Len and success motivator Dr. Joe Vitale have put Ho'oponopono into greater public awareness in the book Zero Limits, written by Dr. Joe after attending Dr. Hew Len's workshop.
The practice itself demands acceptance of full responsibility, not only for your feelings and emotions, but of others' actions and words. That's not so easy for most of us. Dr. Hew Len looked over prisoners' files in that ward, and would utter to the universe or infinity or God (whatever term suits you) "I'm sorry" and "I love you" quietly and sincerely.
This is especially useful to avoid having one's own internal or external reactions be negative towards another person or persons actions or words. Having negative feelings or proving one is right and the other is wrong or others are evil, holds that specific person or group in place.
Dr. Hew Len explains that we have subconscious memories or recordings that we react to by not accepting 100% responsibility for how we feel from outer circumstances. We all share these subconscious memories. But by uttering those phrases of apology and love we release them from an incident of turmoil or upset.
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