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- Montevideo Convention
- Wikipedia on Sovereign state
- Vattel's The Law of Nations

- Matrix Solutions [David Williams]
- Time 4 The Truth [Dean Clifford]
- [year of the Magna Carta]
- accountabilityforpeople.blogspot many more links to sources there
- USA vs
- Constitutional - freedomblogger2
- Civil Rights
- Forbidden Law

Divine Province

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arranging sovereignty


27 Aug 2013 update:
Common law, morality [Latin: mores], canon law, administrative law,, they are all connected.
"Lawful" and "legal" are not synonyms.
Almost 500 years ago Martin Luther challenged the Vatican's claim of canon law as the 'laws of all laws'. However, his challenges weren't complete. Basically, the Vatican is still the 'Global Estate Trustee' that they have claimed themselves to be. That means that one cannot own land without the Vatican's consent. In other words, when a country/government claims land, it is abiding by Vatican claims.
So there are layers of claims to be made:
- personal [your body, name, soul, and work]
- State
- the world
A new sovereign nation may lay claim to your 'person', in line with your own personal claims, thereby setting you free AND allowing one the position of free man [which is not the same as a former slave]. However, there's another claim to be made: that of the world itself. International law is largely based on religious grounds. A secular claim can and should be made.
Much like Catholics live side-by-side with Baptists, Protestants, or Seventh-Day Adventists,, competing governments can exist alongside each other. Much as people once thought that the world would explode if religion were NOT in the hands of the one Roman Church, the world will not explode if people are offered political and governmental choice.

David Williams of Matrix Solutions still appears to be 'the one' [reference to The Matrix and Neo].

According to Jim Humble the World Government of World Citizens has been around for longer than 50 years. They issue passports like any government does, but with a lot less red tape.
The fact is, when they run this passport through the reader as they do all passports, the message back is that it is a valid passport. Now, if they want to refuse it, they can, but they can’t change the fact that the passport reader validates the passport. This country, the World Government of World Citizens, has been registered with the UN for more than 50 years. The UN is not likely to ever change that as that just happens to be the way the world is set up now.

I'm currently listening to podcasts on sovereignty on oneradionetwork and other sources.
- David Williams oneradionetwork - YouTube playlist
- George Gordon oneradionetwork
- Dean Clifford Red Ice Radio
- Gerald Brown
- Dave Kreiger
- John Stuart
- Ed Rivera
- Doug Herich
- Charles Erwin
and more. I've also downloaded How I clobbered every bureaucratic cash consficatory agency know by Mary Elisabeth Croft.

9th May 2013 update:
- The World Government appears to be a philosophical statement rather than real politics and organisation. It's passport is only recognized by 6 countries.
Another such example might be the Kingdom of Israel passport. Such things get people thrown in jail, though it's tolerated sometimes.
- David Williams seems the most impressive when it comes to attaining sovereignty. He speaks of the Law of Nations, variation by agreement (of the dozens of international treaties one should sign up to), and other practical applications of international law.
He argues that he is himself sovereign and receives letters by the U.S. govt titled "Mr. Embassador". He has his own passport and driver's licence and it would seem he cannot (under U.S. law) be arrested or fined (as embassador).
He explains that most international law in the past 200 years has been written/established by the U.S. and UK.
- George Gordon is another good one. He appears to have obtained considerable freedom without having to create his own country. He does pay some taxes, though, and needs to abide by common U.S. law.
- John Stewart also does impressive work within American law to free oneself from common slavery.

Especially based on what David Williams explains, any group of people can establish their own country given enough knowledge [one can acquire through his website], time, and resources [for international travel to go and file international treaties?]. David Williams suggests that many countries aren't competent in such affairs and this suggests that peoples that are interested in attaining a sovereign state need only get informed and organized [thinking of folk like Kurds, Berbers, Frisians, etc.].

David Williams explains that it took 55 men to establish sovereignty for the United Stated of America. Also: there was no freedom movement in the Americas when they did so, 95% of the people were against revolting against the UK, and it took 5 years to get the 55 signatures because most of the hundreds of people [white, rich, landowners] that were asked to sign were afraid of British reprisals.
The 55 signatories of the Declaration of Independence showed us that the Right to Exile [now called the Right to Self-Determination] is an internationally respected principle that other nations will adhere to.
David Williams explains that international communities will respect your claims as long as you abide by international law (the laws as expressed in the book The Law of Nations). It is law and knowledge of law and not power or conquest that determine the stage.

All of this is in accordance with what i've come to understand regarding karma and the Reptilian mind. The Reptilian intelligences in the universe are old and respect karma. They only rule over those who either wish to or agree to be ruled over. If you demand sovereignty, your demands will be respected. It's not about love or empathy, it's about karma and universal law.
The Reptilian mind, as well, is a stickler for rules and protocols. Therefore, as long as you adhere to the appropriate laws and demands placed on anyone in the international political arena, your sovereignty will be respected. It's therefore also always about communication.

Ungrip is a 70 min. YouTube documentary on Rob in the Page Family who, according to this OneRadioNetwork podcast, has established an independent 'domicile' of 72 acres he has claimed [i.e. not bought].

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articles, posts, sources

creo harmony blog

Wikipedia: Micronations

Legal Latin

Djehuty speaks

Putin on international law

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common law

Common Law: What Exactly Is It and How Do We Function Within It?
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The truth about the UNITED STATES, LAW & YOU... YOU NEED
50 minutes YT vid

Slaves don't have rights. They only are granted privileges by their masters. They MUST beg for permission to exercise those privileges.
Think about that the next time you're about to beg them for permission to do something.
Ask yourself:
1. Is what I want to do lawful to do?
a) If yes, then why do you need to be licensed to do it?
b) If No, then how would asking government somehow make it a lawful activity?
2. Is it my right to do this?
3. Do I have the right to do this?
4. Does it harm another or their rights if I do this?
5. Is there ANY fraud involved? (Gov can not license fraudulent activities, even though they do it all the time)
6. Does my asking for permission to do lawful acts grant them my consent to step in and tell me what to do?
7. Do they then have MY permission to tell me just how I can exercise a right because I consented by asking for their permission?
8. Who died and made them god?
9. Are they MY public servants or MY masters?
a) If public servants, then why are you asking them for permission to exercise your rights?
b) If "masters" then learn why granting them your consent makes that so! And learn what granting them your consent even means!
c) Do I even have rights after I granted them to someone else?
Some stuff to think about before you go begging some pointy headed bureaucrat public servant for permission to exercise your rights!
Dean Kory

Basically, the word "slave" is copyrighted!
In the European Convention on Human Rights it is CLAIMED that slavery may not EXIST. When one reads what it ACTUALLY says, they're saying it's illegal to SPEAK of slavery and it must be called "civil obligation", "detention service", or something like this.
On the one hand TPTB talk about how people can by law be forced to do slave labor [i.e. slavery is real], on the other hand 'they' talk about HOW it's to be arranged and called OTHER than "slavery". In other words, judging by what the international community has established in writing, it is forbidden to use the term "slavery" but agreed by convention that slavery is legal.

The Story of Your Enslavement
Farmers [georges] as rulers. "Free range" instead of freedom.

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ID, registration, and passport

Making Your Own Official ID
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practice & philosophy behind sovereignty

Youtube, 1:15 min. : How to create a De Jure Government

A slave is someone with a slave mentality. Give a slave freedom and he will give it away again, subconsciously striving to live the life of a slave.
You can certainly not achieve freedom with a slave attitude.
The opposite of slavery is freedom. It is achieved through an attitude that aspires to freedom. It's about taking care of business, taking care of what's necessary, no matter where that road takes you. No matter how uncomfortable that road is.
The slave avoids bumpy roads. Free men don't complain. Free men act appropriately.
There are steps to becoming free that relate to the sovereign nations at large. As David Williams expressed it, the 55 men who signed the Declaration of Independence did so as the ultimate asset protection program.
Your greatest asset is information. The greatest threat slaves face is having their access to information cut off (completely). Though governments have, and threaten to, cut people from off from tangible assets, like money and property, the most important thing a master can take away from a slave is information.
Information alone, however, does not offer freedom. The right information backing appropriate action is necessary for sovereignty.
Governments claim your body, name, work, and even your soul. First you must make a counter claim, stating that you yourself are in charge of these things. For this you'll need more than the rights of an individual. Therefore, second, you need to be part of a society that's sovereign with the rights to claim these things on your behalf, or offer you the freedom to claim them for yourself.
This is where most so-called patriots go wrong: they think they can function freely as individuals without having a society to back them up.
Your (free) society offers you a superior venue to function as a free person. It needs to offer a judicial system and it needs to engage in international treaties through which interactions with other nation states have been arranged.

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religion & spirituality

How and why to establish a free church.

Kingdom of Heaven passport.
Much of what it says in the above FAQ is in line with what George Gordon describes in the podcasts i've been listening to (over and over). Unfortunately, the Kingdom of Heaven passport won't be recognized by governments.

Frank O'Collins has some very interesting points to make in this OneRadioNetwork podcast concerning the relationship between spirituality, religion, and rule of law/TPTB. One of the most impressive sources on sovereignty, i believe. Some of his point might prove quite practical, as well.

Two Constitutions in the United States. 1st was suspended in favor of a Vatican Corporation in 1871
Since 1871 the United States president and the United States Congress has been playing politics under a different set of rules and policies. The American people do not know that there are two Constitutions in the United States. The first penned by the leaders of the newly independent states of the United States in 1776. On July 4, 1776, the people claimed their independence from Britain and Democracy was born. And for 95 years the United States people were free and independent. That freedom ended in 1871 when the original “Constitution for the united states for America” was changed to the “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”.

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The first rule of freedom is not to voluntarily give yours away to begin with. That is not the no-brainer the reader probably thinks it is, tho'...

People give away their freedom, just as one example of many, by having children before they are 'ready' to. That is not just about teens getting pregnant. You should:
- be informed
- preferably be experienced (with dealing with other people's children)
- be financially secure
- have support of like-minded individuals
- have a spouse who shares your views, convictions and respect for such matters
If you do not, your freedom will be compromised as both intimates and strangers form a fifth column that undermines your choices and opportunities. Then you have nobody to blame but yourself for entering into such relationships and allowing them power over you in whatever shape or form.

The first thing, therefore, is to be clear that whatever 'outside' threats may exist ['the enemy at the gate'], no threat is more dire than the enemy within. Your first interest should concern who you determine to be [remain / come into] your circle of intimates.
No vigilance concerning outside threats compares to such forces.

Ignorance is your worst enemy. Know yourself and know the forces that oppose you. What does that really mean?
If you don't know the roots of sovereignty and what it means to be "sovereign" or "suzerain", you are putting yourself in great peril. Assumptions, trust and belief are your real enemies, not some imagined or accepted negative concept, force or individuals. If someone tries to sell you 'magic beans' and you spend your money on them, the responsibility lies with you. Learn what rules the world. It is not at peace and it's not in harmony with nature or humanity. Learn what it means to be human and what "natural" really means. Society, culture and your 'peers' may dissuade you from such knowledge but for your own sake, for the sake of your intimates and for the sake of all of humanity, you must embrace Truth or your freedom and safety are forfeit.

You're likely angry, frustrated and righteous. These are very human responses to unfairness. However, you must transcend the very things your humanity inclines you to embrace. You are more than 'just human'; you are part of 'life' and of all things natural, truthful and divine. It is a mistake to limit yourself to 'human' reality.
Certainly political reality should be of no concern to you. However, historically and politically there are facts that should be known and understood from a 'human' perspective. Otherwise you are slave to them, victim,, and may live from reactionary choices rather than wise ones.

Long did i myself struggle with Christ's admonition: "Be ye peaceful as doves but wise as serpents"; what does it mean to be "wise as serpents"? To understand this it is necessary to know about the reptilian brain as well as Reptilian species that are at odds with humanity.
Your reptilian brain rules survival, obsession and fear. Know your brain. It's about knowing what it means to be human, what it means to know yourself.
Reptilian species are not human. They have different priorities, incentives and values. "Know the forces that oppose you". It's 'rule #2'. They are not 'the enemy' but if you remain ignorant or choose to let your life be ruled by ignorance, they will rule over you by default. In that case you have only your own ignorance and choices to blame. After all, you can't blame the thief for stealing from you; it is YOU whom you have to blame for giving the thief opportunities to take advantage of you. After all, you are neither child, victim nor slave; or are you...?

People often foolishly make choices that come to rule their life. Then the matter becomes confused: what is ruling your life? Is it people who take advantage of your foolishness or is it foolishness itself? Is it others or you? Muddled? Only if you relinquish your own responsibility.
TPTB [the powers that be] are quick to take advantage of foolishness they encourage, plan and manipulate. After all, isn't the school system after mass ignorance? Knowledge and understanding lead to things like insight and freedom; surely TPTB are not sustained by such things! Ignorance is their currency. Foolishness is their livelihood. How do you control an informed slave? YOU DO NOT! The slave remains ignorant or is lost as such.

Ignorance is your worst enemy. Do not look to abusers as your main foe. First and foremost it is about you, not them. I do not make little of your plight; you are indeed a victim. The way you were were treated as infant, child and adolescent was criminal. But you're adult now, right? Your choices now are your own. Right now it is you who either choose for freedom or slavery.
Is it 'right', fair or human(e)? IT CERTAINLY IS NOT! The abuse of the masses is nothing of either of these things. Be that as it may, it is reality on Earth. Humanity is at war. It's a jungle. Whatever view of reality makes things most palatable for you, the truth is that things aren't easy for you but you are neither alone nor defenseless. Hell, we have the internet, right? Do you truly believe this is coincidence?! It is your right as sentient being to be warned and informed. It is, however, your choice as individual to choose your own path. Will you choose that of victim or that of empowered being that utilizes the opportunities offered it to free itself and others?

The game is harsh. It is unfair and it's cruel to many. So choose to end it! Karma? Bah, who told you such fancies? Who?! The True philosophy of karma is much more interesting and complicated than popular notions suggest it is. It's not about being victim; it's about responsibility.
"Game", "play", or "fate"; it's time you choose. Why do you latch onto notions that support slavery and help condemn others to inhumanities? Why would you? From some BELIEF IN life-as-victims that consoles you and reaffirms the lies popular culture sells as 'self-evident truths'? Is that who you are? Is that who you choose to be?

No 'others' can enslave you as you yourself can. Understand and accept that YOUR ignorance is just that: YOURS. Your life is a constant affirmation of choices, ideas and assumptions that you can't blame others for; it's all you. The results will change when you change what you choose.
Again, all of this is not to make little of what is 'evil' or 'inhuman'; but in the end the choice is for drama or experience; "Does mankind require drama?" Your choice determines your role in reality; "Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?" That is the real question. Choose. What do you resonate with more? Until you work that out and make a different choice, you're likely part of the continuance of suffering. That also means that you suffer with the rest of life. As you should. 'God' submits to your choice. He loves you; if you choose to live as slave, so be it...

What you ultimately SHOULD do is 'sacrifice' your indignation at being offended to service all life. It's part of being part of the WHOLE. You are more than being 'human'. You are also sentient, empathetic and 'divine'. But in the end it is your choice: are your more or less than 'human'? So, are you 'just' human? Only you can decide.

Your freedom affects others. Your state of mind and spirit affect your reality and that of others. You limit your choices unnecessarily. Be part of the solution or part of the drama, the 'play'. Do you choose to let it continue or do you choose to end it? Choose. It affects all life. Your choices matter to everyone.

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