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TEOMCROTE = TEOTWAWKI on steroids! The End Of Mankind's Current Reign Over The Earth takes into account that our ancestors were neither suicidal, stupid, nor our genetic inferiors but still wound up getting wiped off the Earth. Whereas CSER [ Centre for Study of Existential Risk] tries to PREVENT this dispensation from coming to an end, TEOMCROTE works from the eventuality/possibility/probability that the end our age takes place and what to do then       Sign up (learn about it) | Sign in (lost password?)

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quakes / tectonics

New Island Rises Out of the Sea During 7.8 Earthquake in Pakistan

In this book the authors discuss, among other things, how the Alps popped up around 10,000 years ago. They were 400m foothills that turned into 4000m mountains 'overnight'.
10,000 years is yesterday, geologically speaking. Yet the Swiss govt has built bunkers for all it's citizens where they will supposedly be safe. Well, they won't be safe if what created the Alps 'a few years ago' comes by again...
People get lost in numbers but the human brain is capable of more than instinctive responses. It can understand and accept that 10 million and 10 thousand are completely different numbers. Though anybody can accept that $ 1 is significantly less than $ 1000, or that $ 1000 is essentially different from $ 1,000,000,, when it comes to geology and genetics, all sense and reason seems to become irrelevant to people. The point is that a geological event that created the Alps only 10,000 years ago form an elephant in the room when it comes to EOTWAWKI considerations.

10,000 years a lot of geological activity happened. For instance, that's when the dormant volcanoes in the Canary Islands were last active. This tells us a few things: the Earth's not as stable as people would like to believe, just a very short time ago it moved in ways that would destroy modern 'civilization' were they to occur again, and research that points to cyclical global destruction are scientific and real.

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