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theory / principles

Consolidated revenue fund

security of the person and the banks

EXPLAINING Bills Of Sale, Bills of Exchange also known as BOE
Some of you will get this; others will not, for those that do, kudos to you, help your brothers who do not! See, I’m different than most people, because I don’t care what the price of gas is! In fact, I don’t care what they charge for anything, and you shouldn’t either!!!!! Do you really want to get these guys? How about, get them, help them and make a difference not only in your life, but in everybody else’s too??? HERE’S HOW!!!!
See, every transaction that you people do everyday, whether it’s buying gas or gum, YOU DO WRONG! You do it wrong because you do not understand CREDITOR, DEBTOR relationships, OFFER and ACCEPTANCE, and even MONEY itself!
All of you guys to a one, at every till you go to, do it wrong, you set your property (purchase) down on the counter and the clerk rings it in and then announces the amount of the charge. Then what do you do? You reach into your pocket, wallet or purse and volunteer payment..........without ever having been obligated to do so!!!!!!!! Yeah that’s right, you heard me right!
You’re missing something so elemental that it boggles the mind! You walk out of the store bitching about the price......of gas.....or whatever; AND YOU WERE NEVER EVEN BILLED FOR IT! YOU WERE NEVER PRESENTED WITH THE BILL! They told you what the charge was, they always do, but they never give you the BILL!
See, quite simply, without a BILL, there is no obligation! PERIOD! So you say, “How does this help me?” How can this be? Why would they leave out something like that if it was important? Won’t they just give me a BILL and what then? Listen up!
There are many reasons for this ranging from the fact our company CANADA is insolvent, operating in receivership, and the crap that you call money that you traded your sweat for is really a debt instrument!!! But I don’t want you fret about any that right now for the purpose of this essay.
First of all, you need to know what a BILL is, and what a bill is NOT! An INVOICE, or STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT is NOT a BILL! Do they say BILL on them? NO! They say INVOICE, or STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT or CHARGE, not BILL! Now an INVOICE, or STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT simply describes what was sold, how much it was sold for. It does the same the clerk does, it simply announces what the charge is, BUT IT IS NOT THE CHARGE!
A bill is: An unconditional ORDER in writing, addressed by one person to another, signed by the person giving it, requiring the person to whom it is addressed to pay, on demand or at a fixed or determinable future time, a sum certain in money to or to the order of a specified person or bearer.
Okay, you got that? Are you ready for the bomb? The reason they don’t give you a bill, is that if they present you with a BILL, then you can settle with your signature, and a notation on the bill
- “Consumer Purchase”!
Did you get that? If they give you a bill, and even if they fail to complete it, or sign it, you can simply accept it, sign it and give it back to them! Don’t believe? Check out the so-called ‘laws’ of CANADA.
57. (1) Every party whose signature appears on a bill is, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, deemed to have become a party thereto for value.
Consumer Bill to be marked
190. (1) Every consumer bill or consumer note shall be prominently and legibly marked on its face with the words “Consumer Purchase” before or at the time when the instrument is signed by the purchaser or by any person signing to accommodate the purchaser.
Effects where not marked
(2) A consumer bill or consumer note that is not marked as required by this section is void, except in the hands of a holder in due course without notice that the bill or note is a consumer bill or consumer note or except as against a drawee without that notice.
R.S., c. 4(1st Supp.), s. 1.
I think you should be getting very excited by now! This is telling you that if you sign the bill, you gave it value! It’s telling you that your signature IS the money! BY signing the bill, and returning it to them, you gave them value! It says, “In absence of evidence to the contrary”. Where is that going to come from?
Who on planet earth can provide proof positive that your signature has no value? That’s actually a slander of credit because your signature DOES have value, PERIOD! No body can provide proof to the contrary, EVER! The bank accepted your signature as having value on your mortgage, did they not? They accepted your signature as having value on your car loan, did they not? They let you take the car didn’t they? What does everybody want from you all the time? Your signature!!!!
Okay, I know that you have more questions, I know you’re wondering, and especially those of you who are merchants yourself, “If I just give them my signature on the Bill, how do they get their money?”
Well first let’s look at the definition of MONEY………as defined by the laws of CANADA!
Financial Administration Act
Definition for: Money: Money includes any negotiable instrument.
Definition for: Negotiable instrument: Negotiable instrument includes any cheque, draft, traveler’s cheque, bill of exchange, postal note, money order, postal remittance and any other similar instrument;
From this you can see that money is very obviously more than what YOU thought it was. I have underlined bill of exchange in the above because that’s what you’ll settle with if they give you a bill, or if they do not!
What if they refuse to provide a bill? Then they have admitted to no obligation!
If they refuse to give you a bill, you can now take out a blank piece of paper, fill it out as a bill with them as drawer and payee, leave the signature line of the drawer blank so they can sign it if they so choose, write accepted for value and returned for full settlement across it’s face at an angle, sign and date it at that same angle and hand it to them and leave, they are paid! You gave them an asset item. If they threaten to call the police, YOU CALL THE POLICE! Claim the cop as your witness in his capacity as PEACE OFFICER, and explain the facts, that you have presented them with MONEY in accordance with the laws of CANADA, that they have refused to provide you with a bill. STAND YOUR GROUND! Do not accept any unsubstantiated legal opinions from the cop, HE DOESN’T HAVE A LICENSE TO PRACTICE LAW!!!! If they give you a bill and you accept it, sign it and return it to them for settlement, and they refuse to settle, they are admitting that their offer had no value and have slandered your credit!
I know that your minds are full of questions right now, many of you even thinking that this has to be fraudulent, or a loophole that they will invariably plug! My answer to that is NOPE! I have studied this for ten years now and have done it with nearly everything. It works, and is quite real and very lawful and they cannot plug it up! You merchants out there are still wondering how to get cash out of this and believe me, there are ways, just too much information to go into here for the purpose of this essay.
But just imagine that I gave you a check and you took it to the bank, the bank took the check and then came back and told you that it wasn’t worth anything, but kept the check!!!! Can you now come back to me and accuse me of not paying you? NO! You accepted hearsay at the bank, you did not put them to the proof of it and in essence forgave the debt at your end! What you do with your fiduciary is your problem, not mine! The oil company is the same, they can’t return it to you as that is evidence of dishonour which discharges an obligation, “refusal of tender of payment discharges an obligation”. And they can’t prove you didn’t give them value because of the laws of the Canada!
Again, there are a myriad of reasons for all of this, more than what could be explained here. In your case, the bank won’t tell you anything because you are operating at the bank as debtor because you begged for an account (applied) when in fact, they were making an offer that you should have accepted. Then you accepted a copy of the agreement allowing them to keep the top blue ink copy, in essence making yourself the debtor and are thusly being treated as a debtor, and so on, and so on! The people don’t understand creditor/debtor relationships, “My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge”
I encourage you not to accept anybody’s unsubstantiated opinions on this, hell, don’t believe me!
Go find out for yourself! Learn and understand that our company CANADA is in bankruptcy re-organization, it’s broke! The stuff you call money is monopoly money, it represents debt, the OPPOSITE OF MONEY! We create all value, all of the value comes from us and our signatures, pledges, promises etc. Because of the bankruptcy, money is no longer backed by gold, it’s backed by you and me! YOU ARE THE BANK IN FACT!
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The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money
30 min. YouTube vid

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